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Auto Aim : You don't need Aim. PonyRifle can find enemy herself.
Ambidextrous Rifle : you can switch between Trigger↔Reserve and Magazine↔Barrel cover
Eco Bullet : PonyRifle using a Watermelon Magazine. Isn't it Eco-friendly?
chatting & Master Recognition : PonyRifle mounted Chat available AI. You do not need to worry about losing your own PonyRifle.

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but watch out of the fart!
That is the secondary feature on the weapon.
tf-regal's avatar
"I am pony weapon guy. And this is my weapon."
Steampunk-Brony's avatar
Say Hello to My Little Pony!!!
NorthernShield's avatar
I like that Anon's expretion is like: "H...How do I use this thing?"

And it also reminds me of those vines where they "shoting" with the cat.
RyuseiHikari's avatar
will the DLC include a Force Field Generator attachment?
Inky-the-unicorn's avatar
i'm pretty sure Red Faction Armageddon had a DLC like this
hunterN05's avatar
This guy's face tho, he's like.
SFaccountant's avatar
I like how the guy has one eyebrow cocked.
"Wait, seriously?"
Herp-Teh-MUFFINZ's avatar
Is like a smaller version or like a longer ranged pony rifle I could acquire? Maybe some drones for recon?
This has all kinds of possibilities.
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The smaller version exists, but it is only legal for hunting. It's use in war constitutes a child soldier.
The drone version is a pegasus, which has some overlap with the seeking rocket demographic.
Falconflyer7's avatar
This... Is amazing.
Why aren't these adorable firearms standard issue!
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Cutest weapon evar!
Baggus's avatar
You forgot "small thermal exhaust port" and the "slide release button/saftey".  

Also... "Anon's got a gun...."

You're welcome.
Scarasyte's avatar
Watch the recoil on that rifle butt. lol
richfiles's avatar
I love the cushioning of that rifle's stock! So soft! SO cushy!
T-M3RCY's avatar
Haha love it!
the most adorable weapon ever!
PatrioticParot's avatar
These are what the troops should be using.
SnapCentino's avatar
My 'whut' is only matched by my 'yas'.
don't forget to INHALE DEEPLY before firing...  >.<
This weapon appears to work a bit like a blow-gun. You want to inhale deeply and then exhale sharply in the rear air intake for extra projectile speed and power.

Since it has auto-aim, there there is not much point in worrying about accuracy :)
Ha you're reading a bit too much into it.  I was just making a joke about the proximity of the nose to port?
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