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Mobile LockScreen - Rainbow Skittle

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Rainbow tasting herself.
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she's like a cat
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Skittles or Rainbow Horse eggs!
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Haha! So adorkable! :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
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Now this goes straight to my mobile lockscreen!
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Oh no! She's making off with my skittles!
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LOL! that reference!
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EAT THE RAINBOW TASTE THE RAINBOW... skittle? no i prefer MnM or non stop. but i have never tried skittle so i don't know how they taste like. :D 

AND NOOO BAD (hit the haystack) JOKES PLEASE! i have seen some skittle mixed with rainbow dash and they weren't pretty ones. Giggle Time to haul ass out of here! 
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Oohohoho, its been made... lordy xD
I approve.
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yeah skittles dash
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Now this is better, may I have some Skittles little RD, please...
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I thought with Pony pics, we say Motherbucker.
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Ok yes I can Taste the Rainbow here, sorry bad pun but still very cool.
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....:shrug:... Be the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.
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