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Published: September 23, 2013
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There is a reason that the disciple her.
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blazingheart0Hobbyist General Artist
Wait... Da buck? They actually might be family from just lookimg at this. How else would twilight be able to turn her mane to fire 030
~The theories were righttt~
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
It is time for the Fantastic Adventures of the Flame-Haired Mages!
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ladyblackbird13Hobbyist General Artist
Burn, ponies, burn!
HawFrost's avatar
Panty and Stocking anyone? xD Awesome thingy you have drawn here~
MegaMastermaind's avatar
And, for some reason, I'm reminded of my ordeal with Groudon in Omega Ruby...
astro-shark's avatar
astro-sharkHobbyist General Artist
Just dont fart now, or it'll get real explosive
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vocadystopianStudent Traditional Artist
Celestia and Twilight... why u mad? 
ghostarting's avatar
ghostartingHobbyist Traditional Artist
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KitsuKusanagi's avatar
Did anyone else start hearing "Live and Learn" from Sonic Adventure 2 when they saw this? Weird thing is that I haven't played that game in a long while.
blacknight7890's avatar
that's what happened to them when they found out about /mlp/.
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ColmillosHobbyist General Artist
This is almost like looking at Kamina and Simon.
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xPD369Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fullmetal-Colt's avatar
Fullmetal-ColtHobbyist Traditional Artist
Reminds me of Panty and Stocking fpr some reason
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AliceDarkusxShunVentHobbyist Digital Artist
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twilightsparkle2013Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like mentor, like student!
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Healer-and-protecterHobbyist General Artist
-after the super sayan 2 transformation.-
Sombra (Cell): "Incredible..."
Twilight (Gohan): "I told you not to get me angry -now I can never forgive you for what you've done". -electrical arcs zipping around her body.-
Sombra: "Don't get cocky girl, we're just getting st-"
Twilight: -hooves him in the gut leaving a deep impression.-
Sombra: "Gah!... Why am I so damaged?!" -Pinkie Pie gets spit out and Sombra transforms back to his shadow form.- "Girrrrrrl!! I'll destory you!"
Twilight: -stands there all bad-ass-like.-

Believe me, I could go on for a long time. XD
99-cells's avatar
Twilight: "If you couldn't do it with my friend absorbed, what chance do you have without her?"
Healer-and-protecter's avatar
Healer-and-protecterHobbyist General Artist
Celestia (Goku): Now Twilight!! Use the Elements of Harmony now!! (Kamehameha XD)
99-cells's avatar
Twilight: Finish him? like right, now? after everything he has done!? No, not yet.....he's need to suffer some more.
Healer-and-protecter's avatar
Healer-and-protecterHobbyist General Artist
Dude, the Elements of Harmony help or banish ponies, they don't destroy them. XD
guy-named-Paul's avatar
'Cept for Sombra. They killed him the second time around.
Healer-and-protecter's avatar
Healer-and-protecterHobbyist General Artist
Sombra is shadow and he was banished into the depths of the Earth, the second time around. He's not dead.
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