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Commission - We Need A Hero

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It's remind me of this song. I don't know why...…: Absb:star:r
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"This world doesn't need a hero, it needs a professional" needs Witcher
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A hero? Ha! how about a heartless mercenary? ( like me? )

in any case, I'll gladly oblige! *puts on a burnt cape with an 'S' on the back*

but seriously, this looks incredible! You are an amazing pony artist, my friend. :wow:
I hear "Holding out for a hero" in the background.
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Discord looks amazing O_O
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Hey guys this is the link to the story… check it out!
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*poot on cape and mask*
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Is this showing discord as the good guy he is because i see sombra in it 
Or they can always work together
Is there story behind the picture ?
Can you post a link ?
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Hey there!  I'm the one commissioned this picture.  The story is a WIP but the first chapter should be up very soon.  I'll definitely have a link up soon. 
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Oh, stories! A link to the story would be great! (When you get the first chapter done that is).
I'm assuming the story will be featured on either your Deviantart or on
Anyway, I'm off, don't forget to give me a link when you have your story! :D
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Hey our first chapter is up, check it out!…
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I dunno. I knew have a behind story.
It looks like a cover page for fanfic.
In case if you'll speak with your client - please ask him to post the link to the story in comments if it is not too much trouble for you.
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this look really cool

whats that pic of a crystal pony on the right side?
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