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Brilliant Fashion of Rarity

I'm on a red carpet!
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Nice! Love the style you chose! :D
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Mama Rarity!!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

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I was just outside laying down on the snow when Rarity walked by me, she was so beautiful with her pretty blue eyes, her purple silky smooth mane and tail, her pink sock like boots, her fuzzy warm scarf, her stylish Japanese fan, and her cute marshmallow butt with her cutie mark. oh yeah~
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Awesome work, love the style and poses you use for your drawings ^ ^
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Olala Madam Rarity :}
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*cough* ... i think its time for my daily could shower... NOW
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can I use your artwork to make bases? I think the way you pose these ponies is absolutely stunning and deserves to be shared! Is this okay with you? :)
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can I use this as my desktop background?? ;v;

it's amazing~!
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This is beautiful, sexy and incredibly epic! :D 

*Looks down* Yup.... eyeup....

*Walks away*
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Tasteful plot indeed!
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Epic and sexy
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Spikes desktop background. 
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Gorgeous, stunning, fabulous and stylish, thats Rarity for ya.
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Amazing and stuning.
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She looks really beautiful!!! Simply gorgeous!!! :D :D :D
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Gorgeous Raarity <3   very cool details on her fan  ^_^
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Love the "no-nonsense" highlights that were not blended to death (in fact you can see the size and kind of brush used), but still the intended effect makes the proper impact.

Wanting your skills GashibokA.

Do a ScrewBall piece!
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