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Book and Sofa

hmm... this book is Unusual....
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I don't know why, but the idea of ponies having belly buttons is weird to me, but in a cute way. 
CasanovaGuy01's avatar
*boops her belly button*
That belly button!
Saiyan-Valor's avatar
lol, I agree Twilight, this book has no pages, maybe Discord ate them. XD
Saiyan-Valor's avatar
oh yeah, there was that too. LOL XD
RainbowDash187's avatar
parasprites eat ponies
Makenshi179's avatar
Oh my... Oh my oh my oh my oh my!! Pretty sure this is the first time I see somepony using this kind of "tease" (don't know how to call that, I mean what the red book is doing). Awesomely done!! :D I'm loving this!
Eboy4190's avatar
Do-uh, do ponies have belly buttons?
yellowpikmin88's avatar
well they are mammals so yeah I should think so
FakeTsuki's avatar
The book has no pages, and that is why it's unusual :D
MrsSwampy's avatar
I like that belly : )
LlawlietVemo's avatar
I love this, shes looking so fine :heart:
MLPegasis4898's avatar
RodolfoMushi's avatar
i like how there wouldnt be anything about the pic if it were not by the red book xd
DartAsh's avatar
That's very sexy and cute. ;) (Wink) 
StreaksPsyche's avatar
Hmmm...equestrian pelvic bone should not be like that.

Oh, its for the sexy effect for us "hummies".
TheBamas's avatar
mm nice but something issuing in the bacround
GUILLE832's avatar
I love it! Twiligh looks precious, as well as cute reading. The coloring is excellent, and the lighting really impressive :) Well done!
DarthWill3's avatar
That's a cute belly, Twilight!
Equestria-Pink-Pie's avatar
Very studious looking aren't we!
idrawspony's avatar
Love her expression! :3
Botboy41's avatar
Very Lovely Work
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