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Thank you very much with me a message of birthday celebration everyone!;)
Thank you for birthday comments and messages!!
Im so happy!

Thank you so much guys!

and my news.

I will go to SCC in this summer! My friend invited you! (Thank you...!!!)
I go to the United States for a trip for the first time.

but, I thought about an idea because the travel expenses of this trip were very high.
Therefore I decided to perform commission soon!!
this commission price is $60(1character+simple BG)

When it begins, I announce it other time!


sorry "SCC"is "San diego Comic-comvention"!
kill kill kill kill.......
mom mom mom mom.......

The friday 13th new movie coming.....…

I participate in this plan!
Please check it!!

I draw to Princess .....???:) 
Thank you for birthday message!!
I'm so glad!!^^^^
Please cehck it my tumbler!
Hi every ponies!!
This is  new my original goods.





Please enjoy my goods!(^∞^)
Thank you for the looling my works and my journals.

I started sales of original goods.
It is a poster first. The kind is scheduled to be added.…

please watchinng and buy! (*^∞^*)/
Because "Poll" cannot be used, it questions here.

Do you hope to sell my picture on deviantArt?


Thank you for the comment of everyponies!
Please let me refer.
T-shirt might be sold by using other sites.

(June 27 15:40 on japan time update)