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The Peanuts movie

By Gashi-gashi
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The girls on the bottom right corner must be Lila, Frieda, Charlotte Braun, Peggy Jean...

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You’re an anime, Charlie Brown. Good Grief... Could do ones where everyone of the main characters are? Not everyone is here but it’s still cool!
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"Snoopy, we just fell into the anime realm!"
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Lucy: I-its not that I like you or anything, you baka-head!
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Pattie is adorable :meow:
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I love comic strips, almostly my friend spongefox likes this fanart.
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YOU'RE The Creator!!!!!
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>when you realize Charlie Brown was the first harem manga/anime protagonist.
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Wait... Issat gurl LiNuS! Imma tie a LiNOOSE.
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Peanuts the animation

As in japan, the anime style that you made is for all the art that is quite awesome!
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Charlie Brown's Bizzare Adventure
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Beautiful! Love it and Peppermint Patty looks so cute!!!
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The peanuts movie? More like the peanuts ANIME!!!
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Where is Linus and why is Sally doing what he usually does? Did she kidnap him?!

I love this btw. 
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Hey, nice pic. I really like the Peanuts movie.
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I don't like it. It strips out all of the character of the Peanuts crew and makes them generic. I know its odd, considering how similar the originals are in design to each other, but Peppermint Patty was an actual tomboy and yet kind of a good natured airhead, and Marcy came across as weird. Here Marcy is cute, and Patty is cute too. The pic of Lucy can't really show how crabby and mean she is. Here she looks more like a tsundere. Snoopy looks world weary here, where he is a lot more comic otherwise. It's a great piece of art in itself, but it really misses the spirit of the comic and the characters. 
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While I respect your opinion as I see whee you're coming from, I'd disagree completely on the ground that you're ironically, taking this picture too much at face value. I'd say the same heart and buzz of the characters is still there and celebrated, just in a different art style. I say it takes understanding the direction of that art style to see how the characters are still reflected in it beyond seeing that everyone looks to you as "cute". Using that same mindset, others could argue with the same validity that the characters and personalities of the characters aren't apparent at all in their original art styles, rather that everyone just looks the same and that one would have to rely on the voices and performances themselves to even get a clue.

What I believe can be said about this art style is that while the original spirit is still maintained, one or two specific aspects of the overall character's vibe spearheads their depiction in this piece. For example, Lucy's pompous and shrewd sensibility thinly veiling the fact that she doesn't know as much as she thinks she does. Snoopy's overdramatic and deeper than deep sense of his own existence and influence. Patty's overwhelming confidence, reliability and can-do attitude. Marcy's trepidous and bewildered and yet observant gait.

Beyond that is all celebration that this is an event. You can almost hear "Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!" Like the kids in the movie as you feel a sense of nostalgia and pride knowing that a show you loved and watched when you were a kid is now coming back in a beautifully animated feature film on the big screen.

Gashi has anime appreciation and influences. Sally's his little sister so he threw that comedic trope in there, which as usual fits his underling zany, silly and poppy style. That's part of the reason why people look for his next work so much. I myself find myself coming back to this one a lot. It really feels like it could be an official poster for a world-wide red carpet event. I feel so much energy, pomp and circumstance coming from it. This picture actually really got me excited to go see Peanuts back when it came out.
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