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Relax of Samus

By Gashi-gashi
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She just sorta vibin

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i'd want a suit that can also be a bed and have a food holder
Maucaz's avatar
besto función que se le podría poner a un traje xd
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Looks like she's gotten quite comfy.
I'm guessing she's got Metroid 2 on that Game Boy...
girl1683's avatar
I would love a shirt or poster of this !
zetamagnus103's avatar
The ultimate 2-in-1 suit built for combat and luxury
toska-aeterna's avatar
absolutely love her proportions
distractthemonster's avatar
Ah this is so cute! Awesome! 
0-P-A-L's avatar
too bad ya'll have to save the universe n junk
redbird691's avatar
headcannon accepted
cardboardmemory's avatar
MatthewDaAnimeFanboy's avatar
Sexy, I'm going to have a nosebleed. *nosebleeds*
universemax's avatar
Wow we Wow THAT HOT !!! ( - 0 - ) SO HOT!!!!
lordtalesman100's avatar
Is this one of those 'you live where you work' kind of deals? If so, I'd happily send in my job application! XD
SteveChopz's avatar
I need a suit like that.
MrLuckyCurls's avatar
This makes me want to watch some Alex
Niklas-Teac's avatar
aw someone having it all nice an comfortable, its a shame she gotta leave this to save the universe
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SirArtanis7's avatar
No wonder it takes so much time in-between games!
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