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A Dog and Pony Show

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Why does Rarity look like a moole here?
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I usually don't like MLP- but damn this is good!

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cant we blow them up?
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Wonder whatever happened to those guys. I liked 'em.
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Spike can't fight so chances of winning is 5% and thr chances of him getting his ass kick 95%
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I really like Rarity's outfit and the human designs for the diamond dogs. Nice work!
Streled's avatar
Oh wow.
I can't believe it took me many months to understand why Rarity was making that face...
For those still wondering, look at the Diamond Dog on the right...
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I like this drawing  , diamonds dogs are cool XD 
Damn girl, how you get into them pants?
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put that mule to work!
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wow ur good at these Clap 
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cute I WUV IT *attacks the fav button and  watches you*
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great use of vibrant color that brings out detail. very attractive
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pretty okay :D)DPC:DAS<:DDDDCCCCC
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Is it wrong I find her somewhat hot?
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Your art is DINOMITE!

Dinomote +Dynamite = nukes 
dittoblast64's avatar
goddamn why are you so good!

Seriously though, i like these diamond dogs far more than the show ones, they look so AWESOME!!!
ijustloveit619's avatar
For some reason, the Humanized Diamond Dogs doesn't remind me of the ones in the show, probably the character not matching with the appearance? :iconpinkieshrugplz:
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that profile picture along with your comment
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