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West Germany Tank destroyer Versuchstrager 1-2



As Germany was divided in the cold war hence why the name. and In-game files is called  GVT 04

The Versuchsträger 1-2 were two German prototype twin gun turretless main battle tanks, Since the early 1970s for a successor to the Leopard 1
a number of West German companies have been working on conceptual designs

The KPz 3 project was temporarily a British-German joint project, until the UK withdrew because they wanted a turreted tank. One of the companies involved was MaK, developing the VT 1-1 and VT 1-2. The test programme ended proving that a twin-gunned turretless tank could be created with enough technical effort, but had drawbacks in both practical and tactical use and as also The Germans had already developed the Leopard 2 and therefore didn't see the need for another conventional tank.

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One of Chinese World of Tanks/War Tunder/Armored warfare clones that honestly I do not know as it is called (everything was in Chinese :| (Blank Stare) )
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Well WoT clones sure are being helpful with these rare vehicles.