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Bartender and the Thief

By Gasara
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Meiro finds trouble too easily for Xero's liking, indeed he is known to invite it on occassion, but that doesn't mean that the bartender won't jump straight into a fight in order to defend his lover. However, do not be fooled by that seemingly protective hand. No, despite his looks, Meiro certainly does not need anyone's protection. That hand is a simply a warning, a gesture that says 'Keep out of this. These bastards are mine.'

Simply put, don't f**k with the bartender.

You mess with his wine, you mess with his bar, you mess with his boyfriend... Well, it was nice knowing you.

Xero and Meiro from the days before they acquired the Fang and Thief. Not much was different back then - Xero was still angry and Meiro still favoured leg-baring, feminine clothes. And, as usual, trouble was lurking around every corner. Because Meiro just couldn't help himself.

I'm not really sure what's happened here. Meiro probably picked a fight in order to have Xero come to his rescue, not that he needs it of course but he likes witnessing Xero's expressions of love. Getting into a brawl with two incredibly large men just for the sake of your lover is a perfect example of this. However, one of Xero's precious wine bottles got smashed somewhere along the way so the rules have changed entirely now...

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Painted over a number of days. Because I am slow and easily distracted by Ameba Pigg. :la:


Xero & Meiro
In Fang and Thief / Boys Over Faeries © Laura Hunt / Gasarasrevolution
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The story continues as well, this guy can win against these two men and what is the fate of the girl
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Beautiful and happy, your paintings are vibrant and varied colors. For all of you can be repeated sentence
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This looks like that one Stereophonics song, even has the same title.
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There's so much detail here. I love it!
I love this picture, and thesong from whence the title came :3
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beautiful i really like their clothing concept <3 and i really like ur colouring to me the colours look very calm =)
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Very beautifully done!
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You line work, details, and lighting is amazing! Beautiful art. :heart:
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Thank you very much. :hug:
coolcaro101's avatar
your very welcome :hug:
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Is Meiro a boy? or a girl? @_@
Gasara's avatar
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I love this drawng it's so beautiful and cool :love: Your style is amazing and your character design as well :) Their clothes look wonderful and the backround is pretty as well :D Just awesome :hug:
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You art is incredible (I love the colors), but here's a quick critique in case you'd like to improve on anatomy... The legs seem too long (on the man, especially). The heads are a bit small when compared to the rest of the lengthy bodies.
Chumiiwa's avatar
My own opinion, I think the anatomy is great. It's not perfect, but that's because it's Gasara's style c: ..And the heads are definitely not too small. Just had to point that out :3
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I didn't know it was her style. I know that fashion designers often use a style similar to this, with long legs and slim bodies. I study anatomy so fhifjewiodjewojwiodjew.
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But I guess i'm not one to speak OTL I can't even draw a female.
AstralChrist's avatar
Har har har. But practice makes perfect~! :D
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what a great composition~!! I really like the details of the background too--- gaaah, too amazing :iconmushroomcloudplz:
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lol I saw the picture and was all "That guy on the that Nezumi from No. 6?" Then I looked at it again and saw I was wrong. lol You have a beautiful art style! I love all of your work so much!
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