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April 26, 2004
With enough trend and style to keep the women and children (and the men as well, in some cases!) locked up at night, ZX-Spectrum gallery 1997-2003 by *gas13 surely is a feast for eyes to stuff themselves on. Check this engaging collection of portraits and scenes and works in the most pixeled of nature!
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ZX-Spectrum gallery 1997-2003

EDIT: Now you can download this artworks to your mobile at [link]

Some people were asking why they can't find artworks from my site here in dA gallery. It looks like I found a good solution to post them all with not flooding my devwatch friends with 39D ;)

I was pixeling ZX-Spectrum artworks since 1997. Most of this artworks were taking part in demoscene competitions. It was really great to be a part of ZX-Spectrum demoscene. But I think it's time to turn the page.

Joining mobile game market and learning not that limited styles of pixelart I've decided to set some bold DOT: . :)

All this artworks were made using Art Studio or Burial GFX Editor, some recent artworks made with Photoshop. All this artworks made with EGA pallete (16 colors). Every 8x8 pixels cell have only 2 colors.

Sorted in order of appearence. Newer is higher.

Description for every single artwirk could be found here: [link]

Thanks for looking :hug:
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Note to self: one of the scr files contains hidden greetings, they are only visible when reading binary of the file.
Gecko1993's avatar
This picture is forever proof of Orson Welles' quote: "Limitations Breed Creativity"! Excellent job!
is anyone working on emulators that can emulate the FULL CRT experience please
crosstalk synchronization phosphoric delay
fdd3000 PDS micro command all have z80
ula+ spectra
nothing can write protect ram or turn video ram screen off? like zx81 turbo mode
when will any screen converter for the pc to speccy support 50&60Hz interlaced video modes please?
JudgeDeadd's avatar
Wow, these are all fantastic. I honestly don't know where

"Winter'97-98 in Elizavetinskaya" reminds me of a XIXth century woodcut for some reason...
Jaff2002's avatar
Keep up the good work!
Abrimaal's avatar
Amazing, almost incredible when you know ZX screen restrictions.
In Spin Emulator now you can see the screens in 15 different colours: [link]
Lockett's avatar
It's amazing that you don't have any attribute clash
weezyfbaby's avatar
jenjofer's avatar
OMG, wow, so cool, i love it!
CSL1's avatar
Very impressive work. Even back in 1997, before deviantArt seen the light of the day.
Adamaniac's avatar
should make this into a print ;)
Kroc's avatar
Impressive, for only two colours per character, I came from the Commodore side of things <gets beaten back by swarms of ZX zealots> where I had to work with four colours per character with three preset and only one colour that you could change each character. Man some people clocked out some mad work with such limitations. I didn't even know the ZX was capable of such pictures - great job!
gas13's avatar
Yeah, I heard about that c64 limits :) But I like limited gfx. Very challenging :)
Kroc's avatar
If you give people a bottleneck, they'll come from miles around to see what they can fit through it. All the best computers have that sweet balance between power and limitations and people manage to eek incredible things from them. I've seen a C64 do castle wolfenstein!
Kevinkiwi's avatar
those r wild!! very nice
what do you use to make your art?
gas13's avatar
I was using an old 8-bit computer with EGA pallete ;)
dodu's avatar
YE man! It's all your works... you know what it was a time...
carbon-12's avatar
thats some l33t stuff there (wow first ever time ive said the word l33t :D ) its very late and im tired now... so you must excuse the small comment but yeah i shall come back later and give a longer one :D

Very nicely done, my favourites are top right and seccond from bottom middle.
gas13's avatar
:lmao: 1337 is teh kewl and seksai as far as I know :D

Waiting for a longer one ;) :hug:
angychan's avatar
:D Great great!
It's incredible how many great effects you can do with patterns and pure colours!
Love your style :hug:
evilmonkey-'s avatar
nice, I was showing a friend some of these from your site (at school, in the library) one day, but there wasn't enough time to go through too many, but now they're all here :nod:

Anyway, just as great this time around as they were last time I saw them =D
gauravpatel's avatar
Awsome job man!
Really liking the funky colours!
kriticos's avatar
Incredible job Bro :clap:
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