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Team Fortress 2D

By gas13
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This artwork was approved by Valve to be distributed as merchandise so you could buy t-shirt, mousepad or print from if you like it.

2D edition of my favourite game. Took me 5 days off and on. Had a lot of fun working on this one, thanks a lot to Emlan for inspiration and sharing her process of pixel pushing.
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Hmmm... how to start something with this artwork is kinda (more or less) self-explanatory. With Team Fortress 2 rendered in a cartoon-like style the chance that would look in a 2D platform-like format with be saying that it's has now allied with Nintendo. Speaking of Nintendo, this is resembling of a parody of the Advance Wars series making it really wonderfull and so lively enought to pop out of the screen like a little kid's book. For such a work of art that took you less than a mere week you were right about this: you had a lot of fun working on this one and if this comes to frutition in real life, this would totally be fun and more easier to play
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What can be said that hasnt been said about this piece? just like you did with your wonderful Mockup-Parody of Advance Wars, this is really wonderfull and so lively its about to pop out of the screen. Wondering how many programers out there are willing to make a game out of this eh?.
I'm really trying to find a detail to criticize so this wouldnt sound so fanboy-ish, butthere us hardly any detail to be mentioned(maybe the lack of the outline in the smoke of the rocket). i'm sure me and almost all the TF2 Fans out there would love this to death -just like me.
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It's always good to see more pixel art from you. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" /> This time, it's interesting to see such a popular video game as the subject of your work!

I've given a 5 for impact here because I would never have thought about how Team Fortress 2 would look in a 2D platform-like format. Playable? I don't know... But that doesn't matter. The fact that TF2 is rendered in a cartoon style probably helps make this scene look authentic, with obvious factors like outlines and flat colours.

For the size of the battleground you've made, you managed to put a lot of great and subtle hints in there, including the sticky bombs and the Sniper's bow and arrow. Even the fact that the Soldier has 3 rockets remaining in his clip suggests how he blasted himself onto the bridge rooftop, as any 2Fort player should pick up on. The pyro's matrix dive also makes me laugh, as did the laid-back Engineer. But most of all... And before anyone else can say it... The duck is a spy!

All I can criticise on this are a few instances of copy-paste for things like the boxes, rockets and sticky bombs, but that doesn't detract from the storytelling. Good work!
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(Overtime Showdown starts playing)
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This is amazing!
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Omg that's so adorable X3
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Nice job, I like your colors choice! :)

Team Fortress 2 > Overwatch (in my opinion)
Crystal-Okami's avatar made me proud. This looks real great~ <333333
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I wish this was a game .3.
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OMG, this is so Advanced Wars, loved it!
Still, I have to point out that you should have outlined the smoke of the right rocket, it's hard to see it because of the water.
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This is so freaking cool. If only something like this ACTUALLY existed! I'd play that in a heartbeat.
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Whoa. This looks awesome.
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OMFG SO BEAUTIFUL *--------------------*
amazing work man ! I love it so much !
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This should be real.

I would pay so much for this.
rainbowdashie361's avatar dis an actual game
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