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Dancing psy

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Mistype intended :) Spy, gentlemen.

Thanks Angelism98 for a good idea ;)

Spray -…… - Dancing engineer… - Dancing soldier… - Dancing pyro… - Dancing sniper… - Dancing heavy… - Dancing scout… - Pixel fortress mousepad… - Red team Men T-Shirt… - Red team Women T-Shirt
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Well this is fine piece of animated pixel art right here. I will set this critique up into Pros,Cons,and Overall Feel for this artwork.

Vision/Technique: The animation is simple and clean;right to the point. The amount of frames you used for this animation is splendid. It shows a flowing and smooth movement to capture actual-life dancing and an implied 3-dimensional look. Also, the pixel work is something to look at in this animation. I adore how you worked with the lighting as the shadows and highlights moved with the focus of the artwork giving this animation an implied 3 dimensions. Even the fact how you followed the movement of clothing and body of the focus really adds to the animation. The fact you even had a frame or two for the feet to lift to instead of the character moving side to side with a bend knee or sometimes not even from some animations I have seen of this dance move is a simple touch that makes an impact, even that mouth movement. It creates a feeling I can't describe, but it is a positive one. That is a display of true craftsmanship and focus on work to show a simple dance move and good character in a fun way.

Originality: The dance is something that is known as well as the focus,Spy. Both something that people recognize and how you used them in a harmonious way is wonderful. This is something that we the audience(especially TF2 fans) can see Spy doing this, in a humorous sense with a interesting dance.

Impact: This made me chuckle on how cute the style was and seeing a character that I enjoy doing something I enjoy, dancing catchy dances. I really like when that happens, someone created artwork that is something special for me and the audience of things we enjoy.
Cons: I see this piece a clean and fun animation where I can't find negativity in it.
Overall Feel:
The animation again, if fun and something very well crafted to watch. It has a well-known dance move and character that are entertaining and enjoyable to see. You took great stride with pixel artwork and animation that displays a wonderful sense of fun and craftsmanship. Wonderful work.
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You make me stab,
Make me f*ck,
Make me *
Slap my ASS,
Make me move,
Make me Stop!

You handsome devil
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Oh Engineer Look at me Trust me this is not a trick

You know hiding won't save you Slap my Ass SEDUCE ME- Engineer you know (Heavy screaming dispenser fades in)
elijahish771's avatar you have a problem
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have you seen Mr.Snortobeat on youtube yet? (the song)
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look it up. you'll get my comment
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Psy? Isn't it spy?
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"Mistype intended :) (Smile)"
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I c wat u did zare, in ze pikcho and ze deskripshun. (Bad grammer intended)
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I love this so much for so many reasons. Very well-done!
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i can't stop giggling as i watch this. you're so awesome for making this~
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Интересная интерпритация (название)))
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Nice, a gentleman doing the gentleman dance, gentleman. :iconspyplz:
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i get it! XD SPY AND PSY 
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