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A Birch

By gas13
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A birch for pixeljoint challenge limited to 15 colors and 150x150 size.
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Effort is clearly shown in this pixel piece. The textures, shading, perspective, and colours are all magnificent. The fact that it's only 15 colours yet can look almost realistic in a sense is phenomenal. One feels like they could reach out and have those branches be just out of reach.

The sunlight streaming in through the leaves is nothing short of a wonderful touch. The colours blend in nicely and are almost soothing to the eye. The gradient present within the sky adds more to the realism conveyed in the artwork. Truly a magnificent tree. Kudos to the artist and their notable patience for such an inspiring piece.
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Thanks for your kind words and I'm very happy you noticed those small details you mentioned as a positive thing as I was not sure if they should be added.
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It's my pleasure! Definitely a great piece of pixel art. Good luck in the contest!
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Родные берёзки!
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Amazing !!
This is so beautiful ♥
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this is amazing!Heart Love 
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I honestly am so glad that I checked my inbox at the right time. xD A lot of the time from these pixel art groups you get mediocre submissions...which is fine--we all start somewhere--but they tend to outweigh the good and it's always refreshing so see something like this.

Anyway! I absolutely love your use of colors and the perspective. Violet brings the palette together so well! Gotta love dem cool colors, amirite? <3
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Son of a birch(hurr durr)...NJ=D
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Amazing how you managed to make make the perspective look so convincing, very good job :clap:
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I love this!! This is amazing!
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Cute!!<3 ^~^ •~•
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DAMN wait to put mine to shame... congrats on winning m8
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The birch tree looks so good :)
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This is just lovely. It makes me think of a cool breeze on a spring day.
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Impressive Pixel work - I love it ;//v//; ♥
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