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Published: May 30, 2016
I was just thinking about how I've never really bothered to nail down any primary subjects or style for my art. I love to be spontaneous with how I handle a piece of personal work. That got me wondering about my watchers and what brought them here.
I've jumped all over the place with my submissions in the last 10 years here. What piece led you to giving me a watch, and what kind of work would you, personally, like to see me do more of?
I'm really curious where the demographic lies with active watchers.
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ComickproProfessional Traditional Artist
I can't pin point an exact image...I think it was more the realistic and kinda humorous paintings you made of characters and situations. From fanart to original doodles, I feel its more about the execution of the paintings you made like the way they almost had a 3-dimensional quality and lighting and forms in the painting. That kinda realistic/cartoony take on usually more flatter characters, if that makes sense. Also, once you started branching more into zbrush pieces I loved the designs and characters you came up with (like the dinos, the busts, the creature designs). So yeah overall, I watch you because your work has quality, a unique style and a fresh approach in designs. More paintings and zbrushes! ...and the occasional pumpkin carvings are awesome too hah ;) 
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^ These, I think, initially drew me to your gallery. I love fan art, especially when it is of high quality.
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It was the Everquest Commission piece that brought me to you. Honestly it was the post about opening up commissions that got me to add you. Your work looks great so regardless I will continue to watch.
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I actually can't remember (and can't find a reminder) of what first got you on my watch list! Usually in those cases (it was a long time ago!) it was Sonic fan art, but I don't see any.. It could have been the Mario and Angry Sun picture. Really looking back through your gallery there is a fair bit of consistency in your subject matter and style, and it's certainly stuff I've found pretty appealing! 

If I had to pick an in-general sort of thing I'd say I'd like more dinosaurs and monsters, and snarly cool characters like that Angus guy. (I'd kinda like to see how you might revisit the "Dinos with Guns" concept, now that you have so much more 3D experience.) But I'll keep watching no matter what, because apparently I just like your work in general.