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January 12, 2010
The King of Kong by ~GaryStorkamp is a very dinamic piece that showcases the beginnings of one of our favorite plumbers as he battles Donkey Kong in his attempt to rescue the damsel in distress, it has a great style that is definitely worth a look.
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Suggested by Krissi001
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The King of Kong

This is a gift for a friend/old roommate who is getting married. He fancies Donkey Kong, and I figured I'd try to make him a nice picture. He can draw circles around me, but I believe I still kick his ass in coloring. I tried a handful of new techniques, so some areas are rough yet. Overall though, I like the results.
I would have liked to take it further, but I'm simply out of time.
I think this picture will finally dethrone "That Damn Sun" as my favorite completed picture.

Characters are copyright Nintendo.
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© 2008 - 2021 GaryStorkamp
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hooon42's avatar
Mario should find King K Rool to "help" him "save" Pauline.
donkeykongluver69420's avatar
i love this very much
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Mario will fight Donkey Kong to a battle!
DrawmanUniverse's avatar
This would look like an epic movie poster. lol. Still, great artwork.
MetalByakko's avatar
wow that looks so realistic and still you catched Mario so perfect. I would really believe that someone in real life walks around with that nose :clap:
FuryFingersFilms's avatar
Dude, we replicate this in a shot for our Dark Mario movie. Check it out. Its Hammer Time…
Snakeman2013's avatar
Oh damn! Donkey looks awesome!
DracoPhobos's avatar

i love the blur effect!
Viligairirosa's avatar
i would pay to watch this fight.
blue-shadow24's avatar
Donkey Kong: Uber Bad Ass Style!!!
Eldreanis's avatar
Wow, amazing art you've got here !
I'm doing Let's Plays, and I'm planing to do a Donkey Kong one, can I use this for my videos, please ?
Of course, I'll give you credits and I'll link your deviant page in the descriptions of my content.
AllThingsVideoGames's avatar
This is amazing, just love it
captain89's avatar
0_0 ! Wow!!! good work
RosegardenInHell's avatar
This is the most epic fucking thing I have ever seen!
GaryStorkamp's avatar
ReNeoWolf88's avatar
Bad-ass man... the focus and blurriness
is perfect...
Kaijugame's avatar
You know that guy used to be the original dame nabber?
strider2006's avatar
Mario: Its hammer time!
bossman12's avatar
Pauline: I mean seriously you are a giant ape I don't see why you wouldn't just beat him to death.

DK: Eh so what I just constantly throw barrels at him.

Mario: Oh I certainly hope no ape pounds me into a pulp thats my one weakness!

*Throws barrels, mario jumps over them*

DK: Fuck! You didn't tell me he could jump over them!
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