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Phaedra-Shadow of the Colossus

I still haven't actually played this game yet, but I did watch a friend run through it. Fantastic designs overall and a great soundtrack too.
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I love Phaedra so much! Lovely job 
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you should play this game! it is the best game i have playied in my whole life! anyway this captures well the feeling of the fight
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Very well drawn.
I completely oversaw Wanda at first XD
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You need to actually play this game to feel it.
This game is epic.
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this is very cool! nice work!
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this is very cool! nice work!
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You still don´t played this game and made this picture :omfg:
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That is amazing. It captures the beauty of the game, the struggles of Wander and the loyalty of Agro all in one. Not to mention it's one of my three favorite colossi.

Awesome job.
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beautiful!! wow!!!!!!!!!!
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Freaking awesome game! (I wish my PS2 was working so I could beat it again :cry:)
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WOW, Thats Awsome! I Wish I Can Be That Good Someday...
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So true. Shadow is probably one of the most overlooked games ever. It truly makes me believe someday videogames may be able to be viewed and appreciated as an art form instead of just entertainment. If movies, pictures, and music can be considered art, certainly Shadow could be considered a masterpiece.

Amazing work.
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I always disliked this colossus. I never used guide for games and he took me
forever on my first playthrough!!!
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Amazing! To this point this is the best picture of Phaedra that I've seen. I do agree with you, the soundtrack for the game is absolutely beautiful.
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Very very nice! Although I think it has a bit more of a "speed-painting" feel than some of your other pieces. ;)
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Man, I always forget about this colossus :hmm:
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Ha! What a coincidence! I was just listening to the beautiful soundtrack that compliments this amazing game.

Fantastic work on this piece!
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quite good,really..
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This is really really great artwork, here.
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The game is amazing. One of the truest examples of video game art.
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