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Ninja Turtle

Neither teenage nor mutant, but damnit, he's trying.

Public service announcement: Because the topic keeps coming up in the comments, I feel like I should address the dire situation at hand. This turtle is not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, therefor, his mask color and a weapon are merely a coincidental pairing. He does not need an orange mask, because he is not Michelangelo. He does not need a bo staff, because he is not Donatello. He is just a turtle giving his all. Thank you for your time. Enjoy your evening.
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You go, ninja turtle!
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(I hate to add fuel to the fire, but I had to bring this up.)

This reminds me of how I heard Laird and Eastman came up with the idea of "the heroes in a half shell".

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hands down..... the best Ninja turtle i've ever seen in my life.
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This is awesome. I am SO rooting for him. Live your dream Mr. Turtle, live your dream. :0
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Nothing is going to stop him.
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epic turtle... but the orange has the nun chuks
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WRONG MASK COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's not Michelangelo.
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He's still more TMNT than Michael Bay and the others can ever dream of making.
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LOL this is so cute and awesome!
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this is awesome but why isn't the eye mask orange?
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He's just a regular turtle struggling to exist in a world of pre-existing and much better known teenage mutant ninja turtles.

It's not Michelangelo.
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xD He's doing a pretty good job!!! Hah, awesome!!!
words cannot express the awesomeness.
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Holy walrus that is fantastic.
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haha, I love your description.
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Hehe, he's great ;P
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Wouldn't want me meet him down a dark alley.
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