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Just trying some new things. I'm starting to work with backgrounds a bit more since it's evident I don't do much of that. This is just a boss from the PS2 Contra game, Shattered Soldier. The design is apparently based off of some real fish.

Colored in Painter

Contra copyright Konami
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You're pretty good.
fuck it's cool!
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Incredibly creepy boss...Yeah it's based on few fishes that have humanlike the way did you like Shattered Soldier? I Played it only recently, and found it very enjoyable, the story was even quite good, if a bit minimalist.

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Yeah, I loved that game. I played it fairly religiously when it first came out. Enough to S-Rank the game at least once.
Reminds me a little bit of that fish thing in quake 2 XD
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Contra games in general deserve more fanart,I'm quite disappointed with the amount of it on dA.

That said,this is a very wonderful painting,sorta like how I would imagine if I ever see this thing from within a submarine.The water looks,as stated by a previous commenter,quite murky and the way its body fades into the background really works. :3
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Still wondering how the hell that piece of work came to be? How the hell did those psycho people create something like that? (I'm talking about the game people of course not real life. I wouldn't set a toe-nail near a body of water if that was real.)
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this reminds me of seaman
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JinmenGyo koi fish, I just looked up a picture. Those fish are weird.

Great work with the water, very murky.
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D: Now I'm creeped. :<
Your art of it is way scarier than the videos I see of the fish in the game. (Minus that screeching from when it broke the glass).

Is the fish it's based on the coelacanth?
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real fish...right.

If I met one, I would shitbricks.
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SEAMANS GONE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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This is so beyond cool that there isn't a word for it.
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reminds me of the extending venomous kabuki head that pops out of the mushro0m cap of Xyrem (sp.?) in Aeria/Xyrem (sp.?) :XD:
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CONTRA! :headbang:

Not only was this boss one of the freakiest baddies Konami has concocted recently (until Neo Contra, of course :D), he easily has the most badass music on the game.

Anyways, very cool. :thumbsup:
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Hell yea! That boss is friggin' awesome! Contra ftw!!!
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haha oh my god thats disgusting!!!!

but awesomely drawn, nice job dude :D
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I don't think I can possibly express how much that thing scares me. O__O;

So naturally, it's a goin' in my faves. :D
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Damn that's freaky cool
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Holy crap, that is freaky. I've never played that game but it takes something thoroughly disturbing to disturb me, and you've just done it...kudos! x3 Wish I could give you award or something...
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