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Gears of Fun

Some times you just have to unwind.
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Cole got to go down the slide so why not :laughing:
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Omg this is amazing!~
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So this is what Baird would do while Cole was on the slide XD
ALRzombieredhead's avatar
It's so derpy! I love it! XD
residentsmile's avatar
Cole and DOM are on the seesaw!
Thirteen4one's avatar
chica is amazed [emoticon] `!
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This has been my computer background for as long as I can remember!
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Baird: Who's dumb idea was this?
Cole: It was mine! Now sway back and forth and you won't get shot.
Baird: You know what Cole? If you hadn't saved my life so many times, I'd shoot you before the Locust got the chance.

This is hilarious!
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This is awesome
GaryStorkamp's avatar
Thanks! Much appreciated.
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i love this beyond words
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Great idea man
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unleash your inner kid:D (Big Grin) 
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Omg if he had done something like this in the game I would have peed myself. Thanx for making my day with this.
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I. Love. This.
I love Baird. And there is just not enough of him.
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Baird is my favorite character in Gears of War. I love that he got his own game; don't spoil it for me, I still haven't gotten around to finishing it, especially with college.
This is incredible! I set it as my iPod's Lock screen and my laptop's background [link]
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he has an incredible sense of balance.
and that springy thing must've been REALLY secure.
GaryStorkamp's avatar
Specially reinforced for all the soldiers wearing half a car's worth of armor.
DracoPhobos's avatar
and his aim would have to be Really Good.
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Its too late Baird! YOUR ALREADY ON THE THING!! *jumps on other* RIDE ONWARDS SEA-HORSE!!!
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Onward. To adventure.
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