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Poor little abandoned cookies.

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Such an emotional piece. I shall weep for the poor cookie. 
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my favorite part of Earthbound.
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poor cookie...
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The inventory system is kind of lacking....
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Hahaha, this is fantastic. Stinking crows always carrying them!  :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
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I always hated abandoning my items. Lol XD
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It takes an emotionally strong person to get through the item management in that game.
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Ness abandoned the cookie!
The cookie felt homesick!

The bread roll's worth 30, so who needs it? XD
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No crying until the end... put to the ultimate test.
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Aw, the poor little cookie just wanted a hug. :iconsadplz:
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:iconstarscream-tfp:Problem human?
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Probably covered in crow shit anyhow.
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That's the saddest story ever...
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That spider ain't wasting no time.
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Poor cookie... ;-;
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I always felt bad for the cookie...
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Never had a chance...
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The cookie was the true sacrifice of this tale, for without it's sacrifice, there would not have been enough space in the inventory of this young hero to save the world.
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