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Confederate Flag Wallpaper

Confederate Flag wallpaper in dirty paint style

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© 2011 - 2021 GaryckArntzen
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I'm a yankee and I wish I was in the land of cotton.
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nice flag, i use it as my wallpaper
Hi Gary
I edit a free paddling ezine called ThePaddler here in the UK. I'm doing a piece on an SUP trip in South Carolina and would love to use this image. If I credit the image to you with a live link to your site - would that be OK?

Cheers Pete
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Thanks so much Gary - which website would you like me to link to?

Cheers Pete
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This account will be fine, not really fussed about it to be honest
Hi Gary

I used one of your flags in ThePaddler ezine on page 133. It can be viewed at:

In the end I used your Portugese flag as the writer of the South Carolina story objected to the Confederate flag or the splattered US flag - I love them:)

Cheers Pete
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Glad I could help you out :)
OK gary - will do. Thanks once again.
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This is part of my heritage.
I'm a proud southerner and that flag
means a lot to me.
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Thank you so much for saying that. Around where I am, I am the only one proud of this flag. Also I hate when I am called racist for siding with the Confederacy.
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I have it up on my screen :D
I like how it's not the PERFECT stars and X..
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awesome love the color splashing!
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