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Angel of fire rebirth

Thank you for 300,000 Views on deviantart.

Thank you for everyone.

I am veryglad manypeople like my work.

everycomments is my inspiration to continue my works.
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Hey, I had this as a Yu-Gi-Oh! sized card sleeve from many, many years ago. Any chance you are still selling these as card sleeves?

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These works are some of the most popular on the internet, I wish you got the recognition you deserve for creating such amazing works
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I found this picture in some books in my school library too doe :)La la la la La la la la Love Love Love 
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My deck box. Still looking for the card sleeves with this image....
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Epicness awaits this phoenix.
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You are awesomeeee!
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Very nice work!
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I can never get over how amazing this looks.

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i quite like this one, however the first edition is more realistic which suits my tastes.
SierraZanimalini14's avatar
WOWZERS!!! The eyes and hair look so much like a character I've been designing for a story I hope to soon write. It's not exact though, and don't worry, I promise I won't take any of this. Besides if I tried to re-create her, it would just ruin your piece.
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this is so pretty i love it
Awesomeness with a capital A
I love everything of it.
Gothic-Rebel's avatar
I really like this work, lots of red but I love well detailed works, and this is well detailed. Simply beautiful.
Lightningsphere's avatar
Incredibly beautiful, one of the BEST things I have ever seen! You have excellent talent here! ^^
Arzel-Acruum's avatar
A really "hot" one!
I can proudly say I have deckbox with this cool, flaming art in it! :winner:
FlametheCatFox's avatar
wtf HOW DID U DRAW THT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!
Silver-Chimest's avatar
HOLY..That just took my breath away! It's so ;w; VGNHAHDFAGHJGDFAHASDAFGSAFSD
OverlordTroubleClef's avatar
This is..... Stunning....
I would say more but I'm kinda at a loss for words right now :)
Raunchy very raunchy. I'd love have this on a panel van.
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