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Shadow's Body pillow

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would you allow me to use this on a custom pillow case? I'll credit you on it. 
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he's giving me the sexy stair... now what X3
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Are you kidding me?! xD
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yes yes yes yesyes yes eys esey sye sye sy ey syey 
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kayla barron: *finishes killing the last xenomorph* now what? my body is aching for a rest. I guess i'll sleep on someone's roof. *flyings and lands on a random roof of a house. stretches out and falls asleep.*
kayla barron: three hours later *wakes up on something soft* since was a roof so soft like fur?
???: finally woke up?
kayla barron: *sees how she's lying and bolts up* holy xenomorph queen! it's you!
shadow: surprised? *slimes*
kayla barron: how did you move me front your roof?......never mind forget the question. *yawns*
shadow: still tired I see *pulls me back down*
kayla barron: i'll ask questions in the morning *falls back asleep*
shadow: *slimes and falls asleep*

he's sexy......*drools* 
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You love making roleplays don't ya!
Ain't it fun?
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yeah you got that right!
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*throws all her money at the computer screen* O x O <3333
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I love shadow be my pillow or I'll rip ur soul and bring it personally to hell (sorry I went evil)
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Must...HAVE.... :icontakemymoneyplz:
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NoOOOOOOOOoooo stahp it's too smexii :3
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skull bite left Melted Skull-Kiss-PLZ-flip I-Pod Emote LAAAAAAAA Shake Shard the eevee Tangela-Stun-Spore Tangela: Ingrain Omochao Emote green heart bullet pink heart bullet pink heart bullet XD Free happy face emoticon! X x Emote OC :Wharfstache: Spammer Badge My First Ever Emoticon! :] light pink heart bullet salmon heart bullet Zira Emoticon v2 BRB Emoticon: Stare :please: Revamp Jigglypuff: Rest Sneaky Emote first emoticon wave yey omg this is fun Skull Jawdrop Austria 
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:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) Wink/Razz ;) (Wink) Sweating a little... :o (Eek) Waaaah! :| (Blank Stare) Clap I am a dummy! Love Meow :3 Rage Oops! Giggle Nod Hug CURSE YOU! :happybounce: I think I've fainted. Huggle! Points deviantART Groups Heart deviantART +fav Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Green Square Bullet :star: revamp Come With Me Minion-Blah eeh ... no Ooooh Will You Marry Me Emote Tard Jig Nod Girly Love Foxed :Gatomon: Emoticon Skittles Eevee Dance Jump Emote turquoise heart bullet :bouncer: 
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I wish it was real :iconnosebleedplz:
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