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The Known Galaxy (2217)

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This is a map of known space in my story that takes place in 2217, "The Odyssey" which is still a work-in-progress.

In 2076, following the Third World War in the mid-2040s and the Apophis Crisis and Twilight War in the late-2060s, Earth chose to unify and form the Commonwealth, a democratic government that values liberty, freedom, and individual rights, as well as a common desire to wipe out poverty and disease. Succeeding decades of violence, the new generation of humans in the 2070s was idealistic, having Utopian ideals. However, the new Commonwealth was not without faults. Slavery was an issue from founding, as Synths were created in 2063. Highly intelligence and appearing mostly human, these Synths are largely independent of thought, but are treated as slaves and used in industries now abandoned by humans. 

Expansion for mankind was quick. Within two decades much of the Solar System was colonized. Through scientific techniques investigated by Synth and Human scientists, Mars became habitable, while large habitats were built on the Moon to house millions of people. In 2085, the first light-speed engine was designed by ADM-001, a Synth scientist and the first Synth ever created. Following the First Synth Revolt that lasted from 2093-94, Synth scientists and a trillionaire named Janna Locke designed and built Sanctuary, a space station the size of Brooklyn that could house up to ten million people. The idea was to create a space for refugees of war. Within five years the station was designed and built, meant to be self-sustaining. 

The completion of Sanctuary in 2097 rattled the Commonwealth. The Sanctuary War was fought, lasting only a few weeks. It saw Sanctuary accepted as an independent power with its own military, although it had to legally join the Commonwealth. Its autonomy made it flexible in intergalactic affairs where the Commonwealth could not. Following the war, Sanctuary chose to move out into interstellar space as an outlet for colonists who wished to travel to Proxima/Alpha Centauri, where humanity has set its sights. That year, as Commonwealth and Sanctuary ships began to explore the system, first contact was made with the Oscenians. 

A humanoid species, the Oscenians appeared to humans as a cross of mankind and avian creatures. They had beaks and wings, yet dressed as humanoids do. Through use of several translators, the Oscenian Republic was discovered to control vast swaths of space. They became fast friends with an uneasy humanity, guaranteeing protection from the Tyrean Empire, a vast power that dominated much of known space in the Local Sphere. The Oscenians had been waging on-and-off wars against the Empire for decades, but had just lost a recent one, resulting in the loss of Ashada, Katia, Rasalhague, Chitra, and Altair. Ambassadors were exchanged, and treaties were made. History was also shared, and what the Oscenians informed humanity of was fascinating. 

One hundred thousand years ago, an ancient race called the Ashadans once existed. Controlling a vast empire further than anything that existed since then, they were a race of scientists and explorers all at once. To quicker expand, they combined the DNA of their species with that of indigenous peoples on vast and far-off worlds. The Oscenians were the product of that, as were the Sarayans, Vraieks, and D'Vorans. Dozens more known species too were the result of this. Humanity is one of the youngest species created by the Ashadans, a mix of Ashadan and primate DNA from 12,000 years ago. Up until 1287 C.E., the Ashadans observed their creations until they became ready to advance to intergalactic politics. That year, one of the races created rose up in rebellion. The Tyreans and Nymeans, who themselves were the most loyal races to the Ashadans, rose up in rebellion.

It took only a few short years before the Ashadans completely fell apart. In 1289 C.E., following a devastating series of battles, a plague spread across remaining Ashadan worlds. It is around this date that they lost contact with observation posts on Venus and Earth, their residents dying deep underneath the surfaces, only to be found in the 2090s and 2100s. The Nymeans and Tyreans seized power alongside the Oscenians, D'Vorans, Vraians, and Sarayans in an alliance. A new Emperor was proclaimed, the leader of the Nymeans, and the Nymean Empire was forged. They had a policy of non-interference and left humanity alone, restricting themselves to their space. This policy did not last long, and in 1427 C.E., the Tyreans, a militaristic race, overthrew the Nymeans. Their leading house took power, and a civil war broke out. The Oscenians seceded, as did the D'Vorans, Sarayans, and Vraians as well as dozens of other systems. Through decades of civil war, the modern borders of the region were formed. Saray and D'Vora, as well as Oscenia were free, but the Vraians stood by the Tyreans. 

At last, in 2097, a centuries-long cold war was taking place, and humanity found itself as a core part of it. The Oscenians in the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with the Commonwealth granted them legal control over several star systems. Alpha/Proxima Centauri, Formalhaut, Arcturus, and Tau Ceti were named Commonwealth systems. With Oscenian help, humans were ferried there over the coming decades to secure them. In 2102, first contact was made with the D'Vorans, and in 2103, the Sarayans, who would join the Commonwealth and Oscenians in forming the Alliance. The Vraiek Kingdom made first contact with humanity in 2112, and in 2117, first contact between humanity and the Empire was made at Praker, when the Sorenson Expedition, an exploration fleet heading to unknown space, encountered an Imperial fleet bombing an inhabited moon after a revolt. Admiral Benjamin Sorenson, the leader of the expedition, engaged the Empire and defeated them. 

Tensions flared there, and as Sorenson continued his mission, the Commonwealth, Oscenians, Sarayans, and D'Vorans formed the Alliance. Fearing a unified opposition, the Holy League was formed between the Tyrean Empire and the Vraiek Kingdom. Then, Sorenson returned, and political chaos on Earth caused him to overthrow the government in 2123. For two years from 2123 to 2125, Sorenson ruled as the Commonwealth Civil War took place. A provisional government fled to Sanctuary, repairing the poor relations between the two powers. Following Sorenson's defeat, his loyalists fled to unknown space, never to be seen again. Several religious movements also formed during this time, including the Brothers of Gideon who formed a religious state on Canaan, a planet in Tau Ceti, and the Celestial Faith, which was exiled to Callaina, the only majority-human nation-state outside of the Commonwealth. In the 2140s, the Commonwealth and Sanctuary combined their military strength to face the common threat of the Empire. Although they were legally both different military forces with different rules and cultures, they shared technology and fought together when needed. In 2149, the Synths after seven revolts were made equal citizens in the Commonwealth. 

The crisis between the Alliance and Holy League came to a head in 2162. The leader of the Empire was assassinated, and his son, a radical, seized power. Blaming the Oscenians, who were attempting to convince fringe worlds to break free, the Holy League launched a preemptive invasion of Alliance space. Over three billion were killed from 2162 to 2167, and after the Holy League pushed to Sol and Oscenia, the war was largely fought pushing the Holy League back. Rasalhague was retaken by the Oscenians, and the Vega was annexed by the Commonwealth. A long demilitarized zone was formed, and since then, the Cold War formally began. The introduction of Vega into the Commonwealth added a significant amount of non-humans and non-Synths to the population. Vega was previously a dumping ground of political exiles from the Empire, and they were made full Commonwealth citizens upon the system being annexed. The Commonwealth has since dealt with the reality that they are not a purely human state, and largely markets itself as a multi-species state surrounded by single-species states. 

In 2217, the Cold War is coming to a head. The Empire, which during the 2190s and 2200s began to modernize and democratize, has now turned back to its old ways. A mysterious new Empress, Avidia II, has taken control of the country and has hopes of unifying all of known space under her grip. The Commonwealth is now under the rule of Daniel Tovar, a nationalist who seeks to expand the Commonwealth. Sanctuary continues to try to serve as a neutral meeting site to solve diplomatic issues, but its leaders are growing weary. In addition to that, the Kingdom of Callaina under a new monarch is now seeking to open up with its human brethren in the Commonwealth. Our story begins in June 2217 as a new class at the Sanctuary Naval Academy graduates, and the half-human/half-Oscenian cadet named Sarah N'Varr joins the crew of the new SNV Odyssey. A new exploration cruiser, they hope to explore unknown space in the Orion and Perseus Expanses, meet new species, and push for peace. 
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I understand Oscenians are something like Avians from Starbound? And how other species look like? You know that the human species was fully developed 12 000 years ago?