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Flag of Verusa

By GarudaTeam
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This is the flag of the fictional country my book series will take place in. It is the most recent flag of the country, adopted 414 years after the coronation of the Blue Emperor and 391 years after his death. I made this on Inkscape.
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Isn't Verusa a nation in Ace Combat?
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this is the awsomest flag i have seen
what the specific name of the third bottom stripe color? sea blue?
if i ever fund a country, this will be a possible flag 
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I LOVE IT! Can I use it for my Mongol-expy empire?
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Hey... wasn't this flag used on one of the nations of Mazeria in NationStates? It looks oddly familiar...
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I never heard of Mazeria. I have seen people use flags I've made on NationStates before. I have no problem with it so long as they are not explicitly claiming they created it. 
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Ah, I see... Yeah, I remember one of our member nations used this flag. Without claiming he/she created it, of course.
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This is an amazing and realistic creation!

When you designed the flag, where there specific ideals/events/places/etc. that formed the basis for the symbols and colors? If so, would you mind sharing some of them? I love learning about what a flag means to the people who wield it.
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Mongolia analogue?
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Universe details?
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The color theme is just awesome. Great job!
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Looks kind of like an Eastern European country, a la Ukraine. Very beautiful. 10/10 would hoist.
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