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Zombie Apocalypse

Possibly the most badass thing I've ever been commissioned to draw. Certainly the most complicated.

Remember kids, no matter how frightening a chainsaw is, a zombie can't be intimidated and chainsaws suck as weapons.
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the best apocalypse of the history
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Those cats think they're so badass.
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You're right about the chainsaws too. Pretty difficult to handle, if you ask me.
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I see how this would have been difficult, what with every little detail, but man, it was worth it! Really good job on your part.
I know this was posted a long long time ago, but by any chance, do you remember what kind of revolver you modeled the one in the picture after? It looks badass.
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As I recall, it was based on a LeMat revolver:…
I don't know why people don't consider melee weapons more for zombies. A sledgehammer never runs out of ammo.
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would be so awsome to see the same image with werewolves than zombies !!
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truly epic piece of art there mate well done.
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will u make more like this?
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I wish zombies are happening now
Hi Garth,  Great work.  I would like to license your Zombie Apocalypse image for a magazine ad around ICD 10.  Can you give me a price for using this in some magazine ads and some tshirts i want to give away?
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I love the inclusion of the kitties! =)
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Looks good, lots of good zombie-killing skill on display here, along with the scary kittehs. :)
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Is that a LeMat revolver?
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Careful with guns, heavy sound such as gunshots attract zombies.
Always take weapon with silencer,or weapon such as Bow/Crossbow and of course melee weapon ;)
(Though a shotgun can save your life of course^^)
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Hello, I am hosting a zombie challenge on my blog and I featured your work here: [link]
I hope that is ok. If there is any problem just let me know.
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If you're interested, The Deviant Nightmares Anthology is still looking for Zombie based art and fiction until the end of April for its 2nd annual publication. Checkout the rules here [link] Any other needed info, just note me or email
Nice work BTW
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my group have zombie infection, I need you to clear out these zombie for me.
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Ahhahha, This made me laugh! It looks just like me and my boyfriend! Great work btw :)
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