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Pixies are Dicks

By GarthFT
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Cailyn again, and this time she's learning not to trust the Fae. Ever.
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I miss this comic, it was wonderful. Still, the new comics are incredible as well and the new stile is amazing!
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Given how some humans treaty Fae, it's pretty understandable.
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Yep, they will do that. Next time bring either candy and alcohol or a fly-swatter.  
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Vaccumm Cleaner? ;)
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I think the varies need to start ripping her clothes off her and stripping her barefoot and making fun of her girly features :)
RaptorRed79's avatar
oh yeah they are. 
CheeseburgerTom's avatar
She should have brought a flyswatter instead of a knife.  Love the anger and frustration on her face.
jennypoussin's avatar
they sure ARE!!! giggle ♥♥♥
Nirene-Z's avatar
really cool :0
BondoFox's avatar
Waaaiiiiiit, WTF trusts Fey!?

Nice job, love the title :D
Kindii's avatar
LMAO. Oh this is awesome. XDDDD
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
That's they can be major dicks.
JohnGWolf's avatar
LMAO!!!! XD awesome.
PrinceBuffoon's avatar
Great picture, I love the look on her face. I also like the fact that the faeries come in so many colors!
halloweenfairee's avatar
Not to be mean but I think I'm probly on the pixies sides :)
Great work either way!
rossete20's avatar
haha :3
seems like fun to me ;3
crimsonkitten92's avatar
NeidalRuekk's avatar
Is this revenge for allegedly slaying fairies when you say you don't believe in them?
TERABBS's avatar
They can sure be a peace of work :D
But at least they are small
Kur0-and-Emb3r's avatar
Marsillio's avatar
The world's tiniest assholes.
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