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Oz Fest

This is the latest in my series of twisted faerie tales. Ok, so maybe the Wizard of Oz isn't a faerie tale per sey, but I think it'll qualify. I really had fun with this one too. It all spawned from a comment about "ruby red Chuck T's," so instantly I thought of a punk rock Wizard of Oz. Took me almost half a year to get that vision realized (though it didn't take anywhere like that long to draw). Working through the various genres of rock was super fun. And yes, the flying blue monkeys are corporate suits. I may have to do a companion piece featuring the Wicked Witch of the West now...

EDIT: This print is now available through my storefront on sharkrobot: [link]

Check out everything else I have available here: [link]
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"Picture meeee a balconyyyy! Above, a voice sings low, 'Wherefore art thou, Romeo?' I hear a BEAT"- [INTENSE METAL SOLO] "... How sweet! Just to register emotion..."

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This is so pho king awesome!
Alright, I admit it, I love this one.  From the Tin Man's axe to the lion throwing the horns (love his earring btw) to Dorothy's ruby sneakers this thing is great.  I admit I'm not entirely sold on Dorothy's overal interpretation but given how amazing the piece is with lots of off the wall interpretations I can't complain about one not hitting the mark.
Is there a way to buy a print of this awesome Oz Fest picture??
links do not show this print for sale.
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Punk Dorothy, an emo Scarecrow, Tin Man is (obviously) metal...can't tell which rock genre the Cowardly Lion is, though...
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I never thought in all my life that I'd see an emo Scarecrow. XD

Anyways, I love this! Very creative. •w•
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Icon For Hire vibes! :D
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This is so cool! Mind if I write a story based on this? I'll add that you made it!
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Love this piece!  Emo Scarecrow, Punk Dorothy, Metal Tinman, and Rockin' Lion!  Plus the Emerald Speakers.  Awesome work!
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now this piece really ROCKS!!! haha Very creative, i loved it :horns::nod:
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Axe axe lolololololololololololololololololololololol
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This is epic, awesome job!CURSE YOU! 
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great job! there is far to much awesome here to name it all but wow! this is so damn cool.
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Heavy Metal and Fairy Tales? Yes. So much yes.

I love how you turned the beloved Wizard of Oz into something straight out of Brütal Legend which is just plain AWESOME.

I love Dorothy's new look. The mohawk and the abundance of hair dye is sexy and very, very punk. I like how it resembles a bird's plume of feathers. The ripped fishnets were a nice touch.

Even Toto's getting into it--awesome! I like the "Rawf!" energy he exudes and that proud look on his face.

Tinman has an axe, haha. I just love this sort of visual pun, mostly because it is both able to melt people's faces off and perform DECAPITATIONSSSSSSSSS!!!!! (like I said, Brütal Legend) at the same time. Love the extra bits of armor and the joints; those added pieces of metal always help a robot look even more badass and realistic. I enjoyed how you kept his "funnel" head; wouldn't be Tinman without it, huh?

Cowardly Lion is epic. I love how he's doing the horns and resembles a headbanger, complete with the wild mane. Rock on, man! The über muscle is awesome, and the reverse joints for his hind legs are excellent; I love more animalistic anthros.

Scarecrow! YUS! I love how he has a noose around his neck; that sort of accessory is so morbid and cool. I love his emo hairstyle, the "Life is Suffering" look on his face, and his sleek, somewhat ill-fitting suit. I like it when clothes bunch up around the ends; adds a lot of depth to clothing. The patches and stitches were an excellent touch to really make him the Scarecrow.

Flying monkeys in business suits. Perfection.

And I see the Emerald City is made out of speakers. I presume you played Brütal Legend, too, or you had the same idea as the fine folks from Double Fine? Either way, AWESOME.

Thank you so much for this piece.
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Emo scarecrow! Bloody hilarious!
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this is sooo f***ing COOOOL!!!
I keep looking for scifi intepretations of WoZ, but damned Google keeps taking me to TIN MAN* fan sites.

* Or "Stephen King's Gunslinger in Oz" as I call it.
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