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One Piece Halloween 2

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And here it is, my two week-long labor of love, just in time for Halloween. It's a sequel to the one I put up a couple of years ago...

And as I was making this, I realized that some of you can't wait to suggest to me what you think the Strawhat crew should have been for Halloween instead rather than just enjoy the picture I worked so hard on, and I also realized that a lot of folks don't share my strong belief that Kinemon (and possibly Momonosuke as well) will join the crew eventually and for reasons unbeknownst to me would waste little time in trying to dash my hopes for said eventuality, but then I realized go draw your own fucking picture. :D

Though I will say this regarding Luffy's choice of costume; the story behind it is that his knowledge of Avatar is limited to the portrayal of the Ember Island Players, and no one else had the heart to tell him otherwise.

:iconnwrobinplz::iconsaysplz: :music:Luffy... why did you eat my freeeench friiiieees...

:iconnwusoppplz::iconsaysplz:Uuuhhhhhh, because he's Luffy?

:iconnwrobinplz::iconsaysplz:Oh yeah.
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I just love Nami's, Robin's, and Brook's costumes: Louise Belcher, Marceline Abadeer the Vampire Queen, and of course, everyone's favorite psychotic a**hole from hell, Bill Cypher

That little pervert Momonosuke is taking advantage again of being a child!

Also, I had thought for a moment that Chopper was Walter White from Breaking Bad, just from the goatee and glasses
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Brook Cipher,Zomji,Baneosuke,tony chopman,luph XD
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Has anyone noticed that sanji kinda looks like R from warm bodies
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Zoro is a badass not a kickass and lol Marceline
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OMG is that Bill Cipher?!? And Toph?!?!?!? :ohnoes:
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To think that I've only now realized who Brook is dressing up as. Haha. 
Bill Cypher ftw! :)
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Zoro as Kick-ass.

Noice. ;)
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i was wondering why he dressed as toph also who is sanji suppose to be?
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u made momosucke bane hahahaha :"D suits him nice work mate
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Well, that's kinda funny xD Love your pic, but I can't help myself of comparing your pic with the collab I did with :iconsarahsoak: 1 1/2 years ago xD The resemblance is uncanny : D
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Now, the important question... Is Franky wearing anything at all?
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Wow, super good job, you have truly risen to the next level. Daniel-san. :iconmrmiyagiplz:
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Usopp as Raiden = fuck yeah
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Who is the one dressed up like Hannibal Lecter?
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that's Momonoske and hes Bane from dark knight rises not Hannibal lector.
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As great as this picture is, I have one question.

Who are Kinemon and Brook supposed to be?
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brook is a guy from gravity falls

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