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Dwn No.104: Neon Man

One of my first Robot Master designs from when I was a kid. His design was based off of Spark Mandrill from Megaman X. And with Megaman 10 out, we can finally put to rest that dumbass rumor about the X in Megaman X being a roman numeral. SUCK IT, everyone who thought that!:nana:

Anyway, backstory time. Neon Man was an advertising robot used mostly in carnivals. But years of abuse by vandals and passers by that would throw food at him pushed him too far. He would later be rebuilt for battle.

His Neon Missile not only damages his opponents, but creates a blinding flash upon detonation. He's also equipped with the Neon Beam.
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And then he became a tiger.

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His stage theme better be a nice rave party-sounding theme.
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I like Neon Man. He sounds like a great Robot Master. Personally, I'd call his attack the Neon Laser. Has a nice ring to it.
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Is it OK if i use Neon Man for my Fangame?
he fights with glow sticks and fog machines his level has rave music
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Hey Garth-sempai! Here's a recap of an adventure that's developing on Dejj-neechan's Gryphon thing :[link] I'd recommend joining the fun..
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:iconimblindplz: :sing: Blinded by the liight~! :music: Or was it the sheer awesomeness of this drawing? :XD:
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:iconteaheeplz: flatter me too much.:huggle:
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No I don't. :D I don't flatter you enough. :huggle:
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I love you too. :smooch:
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Warning: Prone to cause seizures in small children.
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and he's great for raves!
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Yeah, I know what you mean when people confuse X for ten. [link] And Tycho's supposed to be the smart one.
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