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CenturionMk10 by Garris24 CenturionMk10 :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 FV4005 Heavy Tank Destroyer  by Garris24 FV4005 Heavy Tank Destroyer :icongarris24:Garris24 1 0 Prototype 44 by Garris24 Prototype 44 :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 M4A3 76mm sherman by Garris24 M4A3 76mm sherman :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 ARL-44 ACL-1 by Garris24 ARL-44 ACL-1 :icongarris24:Garris24 1 2 ARL-44 ACL-1 by Garris24 ARL-44 ACL-1 :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 SCAR H revised by Garris24 SCAR H revised :icongarris24:Garris24 3 0 m98b by Garris24 m98b :icongarris24:Garris24 0 1 P-51 Mustang  by Garris24 P-51 Mustang :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 M82A1 Barrett anti material rifle (Revised) by Garris24 M82A1 Barrett anti material rifle (Revised) :icongarris24:Garris24 1 0 SCAR-H by Garris24 SCAR-H :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 churchill mk7  by Garris24 churchill mk7 :icongarris24:Garris24 2 0 m113 20mm Vulcan air defense system  by Garris24 m113 20mm Vulcan air defense system :icongarris24:Garris24 1 0 e100 by Garris24 e100 :icongarris24:Garris24 2 2 m13 MGMC halftrak  by Garris24 m13 MGMC halftrak :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 m13 halftrak  by Garris24 m13 halftrak :icongarris24:Garris24 1 0


UP3985 by Pwesty UP3985 :iconpwesty:Pwesty 24 10 UP Challenger 3985 in Houston 2004 by Metrotren UP Challenger 3985 in Houston 2004 :iconmetrotren:Metrotren 12 1 The Challenger - UP 3985 by eDDie-TK The Challenger - UP 3985 :iconeddie-tk:eDDie-TK 200 81 Big Steam Engine by 3window34 Big Steam Engine :icon3window34:3window34 30 3 Spirit by Atmosphotography Spirit :iconatmosphotography:Atmosphotography 28 1 B-2 Spirit VIII by LoloAlien B-2 Spirit VIII :iconloloalien:LoloAlien 33 6 Rockwell B-1B Landing by shelbs2 Rockwell B-1B Landing :iconshelbs2:shelbs2 73 20 Sukhoi Su-34 by FPSRussia123 Sukhoi Su-34 :iconfpsrussia123:FPSRussia123 31 4 a loner, a jackass covered in scars by meynari a loner, a jackass covered in scars :iconmeynari:meynari 130 7
Male!Raven x Reader Ch. 1
You went to the Titans Tower. You noticed Nightwing and his mobile that parked in front of the tower. As you finally arrived, you stopped your bike and dismounted from it right before you took off your helmet. You looked around and since Nightwing was here, you realized that you came before Damian.
"Let me guess... I'm the last one to come, right?" you implied.
"I'm afraid so," Nightwing answered.
"And Damian?"
"He went inside."
You sighed in dismay as you knew that he just bluntly went inside instead of getting know the others.
"This is Starfire, she's the leader of the Teen Titans." Nightwing introduced.
"It's nice to meet you," you greeted Starfire.
"Likewise." the orange-skinned woman smiled. She then introduced you to three boys, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, and Raven.
And so, you were given the tour around the Titans Tower and received a personal room of your own. You wondered if Damian can get along with the others. But you doubted that. Unlike him, you got to know Beast Boy and Blue
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 32 2
Tryst - Chapter 3
Summary: In a moment of frustration, Kid Flash seeks out Red Arrow in lieu of his best friend Robin. But weeks later when Robin discovers the true nature of Wally and Roy's relationship, he finds he has more complicated feelings on the matter… Roy/Wally, eventual Wally/Dick
Rating: T (Swearing and Boy Love)
Disclaimer: Young Justice and all related characters belong to DC.
--There is mention of boy love in this chapter, but we have kept it very T rated--
Despite Wally's warped sense of time, the following days seemed to meld together into a swift blur, as the speedster attempted to find a balance in this new chapter of his life. And yet, for all his running back and forth, he couldn't seem to manage it in a way that made him or the people around him happy.
His first week was heavy on Robin's side. After six weeks of hardly any time spent with the young hero, it seemed he couldn't get enough. They did, after all, have a lot to catch up on, and catch up they did. Playing games
:iconkuro-arashi:Kuro-Arashi 37 22
Sick Male!Reader X Natsu
Natsu X Male!Reader
I don't own fairy tail or any of its character or you in any way.
It was different today in Fairy Tail. There were no fights. Natsu and Gray weren't bickering. It was like the whole guild changed. It was because of the just completed S Class mission that F/n  on.
Natsu's whole team couldn't believe how close you were to dieing and now you have injuries and a pretty bad fever. You never were good against fevers so they were worried if something might happen to you.
Out of all of Natsu's team there was one member that was really worried for you. Natsu looked like he had a knife threw his chest hearing that you had a fever and injuries. He knew he might not be able to help you this time.
Natsu stormed out of the guild hall after hearing the news. He was headed towards your house. He was hoping he could help you in some way.
Natsu felt really guilty since he was the one who insisted on going on your first S Class Mission. He wishes he could have stopped himself fro
:iconjordan565:jordan565 150 10
Creepypasta x Male! Cannible! Reader
This is my first x reader so please don't kill me of it sucks
Jeff's POV
   I was stalking along the road that connects the town to Slendy's forest looking for my next victim, when I saw a medium two story house with only one car parked infront. 'Perfect ' I thought. The door was locked as normal because I was famous. All over the news. Anyway, I saw the only room with the door wide open. Nobody I had ever hunted left their door wide open. The only thing that worried me anymore was the fact that I heard tearing and crunching noises. At first I thought it was the Rake, but he doesn't wander THIS far. My second thought was it was E.j. but he was at the mansion cause he ate a bad kidney. I decided I would suck it up, so I peeked around the corner to see something I thought I would never see. A largely built thing was hovering over MY kill and eating the remains of the resident of the house. From the back of its head it looked like a male
:iconanyonomusdragonhybri:AnyonomusDragonHybri 184 28
Avengers x abused male reader part 2
;-next morning-
    n/m had stayed awake all night. he couldn't sleep, even if he was tired.
 he always had trouble sleeping, he always thought of his father when he would come in and rape him there. or when his boyfriend would begin to beat him in the middle of the night. N/m never really knew how he ended up with an abusive boy friend as well as his abusive father. He guesses that god just loves seeing him suffer.
   as n/m got up he got dressed into his baggy clothes and walked down stairs. He quickly made breakfast for him father and set it on the table. As he did, he heard his IPod ring, meaning he had gotten a message.
 It read" Why don't you dcome over.. we got things to do.. ;)
N/m texted back: I don't think I will be able to, my father hates it when I sleep over..
" come on~ just sneak out.."
N/M sighed and replied back, " fine.."
He got off the IPod and walked outside. HE breathed in t
:iconbtt-prussia:btt-prussia 38 18
Human!Foxy x Male!Reader-Endless Years
Notes: I call Foxy 'Felix' in this, since it's the closest name I can think of to Foxy that makes sense. Freddy and G.Freddy are twins, identical apart from eyes and hair. G.Freddy's name is Gerald, but Reader nicknamed in Goldie when they were young because of his hair and they all began calling him that. Bonnie, like in the games, is mistaken for a girl a lot, but is male. It pisses him off. End notes.
~~~~~~~4 Years~~~~~~~
The six of them were sitting on their usual bench at the park; Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Felix, 'Goldie' and (Name). They'd all been friends ever since they met, and did everything together. Freddy and Goldie's parents were watching them, since all the others were busy at work or just had stress. The kids were talking about stuff that happened the day before, what they want to do when they grow up, things they like, just things that you don't appreciate when your an adult. Felix, (Name) and Goldie were talking about pirates, and Chica, Freddy and Bonnie were talking
:iconpigswiggle:pigswiggle 90 24


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One of many variants for the Centurion main battle tank. This one features a 105mm main gun, commanders 7.62mm machine gun, and a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun.
FV4005 Heavy Tank Destroyer
Not much to say about this tank.
This vehicle has a 183mm main gun that is only capable of firing HESH rounds. Despite the fact that it is the chassis of a centurion, turret armor is only 14mm at best, which is only enough to stop small arms fire.
Prototype 44
This is no official designation, I basically used the hull of a Leopard1 and the turret of an ARL44 with the 120mm Rheinmetall main gun. With ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) plating on the side and turret.
Garrisons Journal, I'm just not sure what to do anymore. School starts back in two months and I don't know what content should I be posting. Any suggestions from you all?
This concludes Journal log entry#1.


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