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Prototype 44 by Garris24 Prototype 44 :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 M4A3 76mm sherman by Garris24 M4A3 76mm sherman :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 ARL-44 ACL-1 by Garris24 ARL-44 ACL-1 :icongarris24:Garris24 1 2 ARL-44 ACL-1 by Garris24 ARL-44 ACL-1 :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 SCAR H revised by Garris24 SCAR H revised :icongarris24:Garris24 3 0 m98b by Garris24 m98b :icongarris24:Garris24 0 1 P-51 Mustang  by Garris24 P-51 Mustang :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 M82A1 Barrett anti material rifle (Revised) by Garris24 M82A1 Barrett anti material rifle (Revised) :icongarris24:Garris24 1 0 SCAR-H by Garris24 SCAR-H :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 churchill mk7  by Garris24 churchill mk7 :icongarris24:Garris24 2 0 m113 20mm Vulcan air defense system  by Garris24 m113 20mm Vulcan air defense system :icongarris24:Garris24 1 0 e100 by Garris24 e100 :icongarris24:Garris24 2 2 m13 MGMC halftrak  by Garris24 m13 MGMC halftrak :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0 m13 halftrak  by Garris24 m13 halftrak :icongarris24:Garris24 1 0 L11A3 Sniper rifle by Garris24 L11A3 Sniper rifle :icongarris24:Garris24 1 0 M1919A4 Browning 30mm by Garris24 M1919A4 Browning 30mm :icongarris24:Garris24 0 0


Mature content
Insanity: SxN :iconoldsoulofthenorth:OldSoulOfTheNorth 1 0
Killer Seme Male Reader X Jeffrey
Your POV
They were bullying me again. 'fag' 'go suck a dick, faggot' 'why were you even born dick sucker'.
I just sat there in front of them smiling while they were spitting on my feet and trying to get a reaction out of me. Then my boyfriend, Jeff, walked in. He frowned and I smiled brighter, standing up and walking next to him. 
"Oh, is this your boyfriend, faggot?", the leader of the bullies asked.
I turned around with a closed eyed smile.
"Indeed, he is.", I replied calmly.
She make a gag sound and pretended to vomit. Others laughed behind her. The next thing she did, she would regret for the rest of her life. She snapped her fingers and a few football players walked to My Jeff and grabbed him making him squeak. They laughed. Why the fuck are they laughing, that was a cute sound.
"Well, maybe you aren't gay after all. Jeffy boy here might be a girl with that voice.", she laughed making My Jeff tear up.
I walk in front of her and smile with closed eyes.
:iconfudanshi-kuro:Fudanshi-Kuro 43 5
Springtrap and Deliah (Page 106) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 106) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,750 389
Mature content
Jeff The Killer :iconnocturnalsupremacyxx:NocturnalSupremacyxX 5 6
Jeff the Killer Retold Part Two
The week crawled by slowly. No news came from Liu at JDC, Jeff had no friends to hang out with, nothing but sadness and guilt. The despair gripped Jeff so much that he began eating less and less, and it cut Jeff’s sleep in half. By the end of the week, Jeff had become so pale that he was practically a ghost, and heavy dark circles outlined his eyes. It didn’t really matter though, Jeff didn’t really care.
   That is until Saturday, when Jeff was awoken by his mother who wore a happy, sunshiny expression.
   “Jeff, it’s the day.” She said as she opened the curtains in Jeff’s room, it let light flood into the room.
   Jeff held up a pale hand to block the light. “What? What’s today?” He asked, still half asleep.
   “Why, it’s Billy’s party today!” His mother reminded him.
   Jeff was now fully awake. “Mom, you’re joking right? You don’t s
:iconreneedenim:ReneeDenim 2 1
The Interview: Jeff The Killer
NOTICE: This story constants events the Jeff the Killer himself would normally do. If you're not ok with Blood, swearing or other things of the Nature this isn't the story for you.
on a side note sorry its so long....I got carried away...
She reviews the notes from the notorious killer’s data base, making her way down the hall to the questioning rooms. A terrible gut-wrenching feeling about this interview is surging through her being, but her superiors are pushing for it. She stops at the room location for the pat down and is instructed to remove anything that had any metals, leaving her with only the ear piece and papers with the interview questions.
"Remember, the only thing you need to do is ask the questions or actions we request. Understand?" The voice say into her ear.
"Yes Sir."
She reaches the room where the interview is to taking place, the heavy door giving precedence over her.
:iconivydarkrose:IvyDarkRose 193 54
We All Bleed The Same - A6 Gorefic
"Why don't you ever smile?" my mother asked me.
"It hurts to smile..." I complaned.
I walked with my head down, my books clutched to my chest, my black messanger bag bumped softly at my side against my thigh and my black converses slapped the pavement as I walked quickly down my street. I missed the bus again...
"Hey look at dark-and-pale!" A voice shouted.
I was cornered. Behind the school a group of preps had surronded me, making me stand against the wall.
I stared coldly at the boys, my blue eyes undoubtidly reaching into their very soul. They didn't flinch at the least--atleast not from what I could see.
"You scared Six? Mommy not here to bitch at our parents?" one gwaked.
I clutched my journal to my side, my knuckles going white at how tight I held it. I didn't smeak, I only glared at the over-muscialr boys, all in red sweatshirts and bluejeans.
"We ain't gonna hurt you....that bad." another kid laughed, cracking his fingers.
"Let me go.
:iconxxtabbixx:XxTabbixX 23 28
Jeff the Killer's Origins (My Version)
:iconfreakartist1:freakartist1 4 2
Insomnia page 60 by Inkswell
Mature content
Insomnia page 60 :iconinkswell:Inkswell 144 60
Challenger by classictrains Challenger :iconclassictrains:classictrains 78 46
Seme Male Reader X Jeff the Killer
[ [C/N] = Creepypasta name ]
Your POV
"[C/N] loves me more!"
"No! He loves me more!"
I sweatdrop listening to the yelling outside my bedroom. I'm trying to write a fucking fanfic, but obviously I can't since Jeff and Jane are always arguing about me. I can't feel any emotions like that for, so I can't make them fucking stop. I sigh and walk to my door. I slam it open startling them both.
"Shut. The fuck. Up.", I growl making them take a step back.
Everyone here is scared of me, even Slendy's a little nervous around me. I'm proud of myself though, I like it when others are scared of me. I slam the door shut and fall back on the bed on my stomach. I groan against the sheets. Someone knocks on my door, I turn my head towards the door and turn on my back. I sit up.
"Yeah?", I ask loud enough for them to hear me.
Jeff opens my door and walks in, closing the door behind him.
"What do you want?", I ask.
He clears his throat and takes a step towards me.
"I-I think you're really cool, [C/N].",
:iconfudanshi-kuro:Fudanshi-Kuro 30 1
Purple guy(springtrap) X Reader X Foxy(brother)
        Purple guy(springtrap) X Reader X Foxy(brother)
Before this story begins I would like to say happy birthday to Angestrap. She has done alot for me so i decided that in this story you will be a girl. But don't worry I will have another up and running as soon as possible. So anyways, I hope you enjoy the story!  :D
June 11, 1987
Your Mother was driving You, who was (16) and your little brother who was (4) to a pizza place for his birthday.
When You arrived at the establishment, your brother ran over to play with his friends, as You just sat down and ate pizza.
A couple minutes passed and a man in purple walks up to you.
He said “Hey Pretty”.
You blushed a little and just looked away.
He then asked what your name was, You said “______”
“Oh “______” what a wonderful name, “My name is William but you can call me Will”
You talked for a coupl
:iconaidanproductionsyt:AidanProductionsYT 4 3
Ticci Toby x Male!Killer!Reader - Part Two
This is a sequel, thank the awesome commenter Caminu73 for inspiring me to write this.  And thank Facebook pictures for inspiring the ending :XD: THANK YOU FINNISH AND NORWEGIAN LANGUAGES!
[M/n] - male name
     “No.” [M/n] said flatly.  Ben scoffed and floated around him.
     “Why NOT?  You say he’s yours, but you don’t say that you love him.  Are you just playing him!?” Ben accused.
     “Then why don’t you-”
     “BEN, THAT’S ENOUGH!” Slender hissed angrily.  Ever since [M/n] moved in, quite a few of the others had been pestering the emotionless boy to say the word ‘love.’  It was quite annoying, actually.  [M/n] obviously didn’t understand emotions, so he obviously wasn’t going to say love.  Hell, he rarely says the word ‘like.’
:iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 689 45
Springtrap X Reader (Night 1)
Springtrap X Reader (Night 1)
So, your low on cash and your friends told you about how this new attraction was opening up and needed a security guard. They said they pay every week and it goes from 12am to 6am.
You decided to take the job and walked into the new Fazbear's fright. It turned out it was not that scary.
You looked through the cameras and you saw a old golden bunny animatronic in the old secret room. It turned on even though it looked like its wiring was burnt out nearly 3 decades ago.
You thought it looked cute, Then it looked at the camera and disappeared, and reappeared in the doorway. It thought you were cute and patted your head, and walked away. You were frightened but also blushing.
You wouldnt stop tampering with the controls.
And you saw Springtrap run back and forth to the sound of voices.
It was cute you thought and turned off the cameras and checked the controls, fixing errors was so boring.
You decided to look into the former restaurant’s history, and fin
:iconaidanproductionsyt:AidanProductionsYT 2 3
Skills (Springtrap x Reader) One-shot
You slowly turned the camera around towards you and flipped to the camera right outside of your office. He was there, watching, waiting for you to slip up. But you had been here over a week, and you were a master at how to keep him at bay. Your boss, who you never actually have ever talked to in person, only in recorded tapes he had made that day for you to listen to that night, had warned you that the first 5 nights (since you only worked on the weekdays) were the hardest and more dangerous as you worked your way around the office to learn the different methods of protection your company provided you. But if you did survive, the rest of your job would seem much easier in comparison. It was the first Monday since you had come back and you had been fending off Springtrap for 5 hours now, the home stretch of your last hour in sight. You pressed the button that made a little boy go "Hello" or he giggled and you flipped to another room, waited for a few seconds, then flipped back to the ca
:iconholyleaf:holyleaf 6 2
Springtrap and Deliah (Page 88) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 88) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,182 240


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Prototype 44
This is no official designation, I basically used the hull of a Leopard1 and the turret of an ARL44 with the 120mm Rheinmetall main gun. With ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) plating on the side and turret.
Garrisons Journal, I'm just not sure what to do anymore. School starts back in two months and I don't know what content should I be posting. Any suggestions from you all?
This concludes Journal log entry#1.


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Kaiden Wright
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Just want to become apart of something.


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