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seedling by garra101 seedling :icongarra101:garra101 0 0
Wat My Mind Thinks of me
What my mind thinks of me
She's tried to feel good about herself, but she can't. Every time she looks in the mirror I want to hit the ugly fat image. The stupid girl it belongs to isn't worthy of love, she's ugly, fat, indecisive, depressing, talent-less. She can't even help people properly, all she can do is smile and listen. no help at all. maybe that's why her Dad blows her off. He knows she isn't good at anything at all. She feel's alone even with friends, which is horrible of her because her friends are kind to her(again not because she deserves it). She is ugly and worthless, the world would be better off without her. And to top it all off she tries to hide how "broken" she is but then writes shit like this….can we say POSER.
-the mind that sees the mirror.
:icongarra101:garra101 0 4
Invisible Me
Invisible Me
I dont stand out
Im not there
not that you would ever care
its my friends that they all want
but not me
because theres nothing to see
im looked through everyday
even by you
i try so hard to make you see
but still i just stay invisible me
:icongarra101:garra101 3 10
hopeless love
it didn't start out like much
in fact it was just a little crush
just a tiny little smile when you walked by
who knew it could make me cry
who knew i would fall for you
and who knew love would consume me too
oh why oh why did i fall so far
especially when i don't even come up to par
I became your friend and nothing more
only because you wouldn't step anywhere near that door
I tried so hard to make you fall for me too
but all you did was just see strait through
:icongarra101:garra101 0 4
So close
You're there with me
Holding me in your arms
I smile at your eyes of brilliant blue
and you smile back and pull me closer
your fully supporting me with your arms that act like protectors
But then you look away from my eyes
You look up
And see her
You let go of me and chase after her
You don't come back for me you just let me fall
Until I hit rock bottom once again
:icongarra101:garra101 0 2
Reality Cuts
You say you care
But you don't
You say you'll love me
But you won't
You say you'll be there
But you aren't
you say I'm the only one for you
But apparently I'm not
When I'm next to you I'm the princess and you protect me with your big strong arms
But when I'm gone......
It's her instead
And you love her more than me
You lie and tell me she does not exist
But I can see through your lies and they will always cut me like a knife
You don't even know that your lies draw my blood and kill me slowly
You don't know that you've left me for dead on the sidewalk because of my blood loss
You don't even know that i know of her
But what kills me the most is that is that is that if your lies don't cut me.....
I do it myself
Because reality cuts
All I do is make it visible
:icongarra101:garra101 0 2
Fun House Mirror
I look in the mirror and what do I see
something fat staring back at me
I look in the mirror and what do I see
Something ugly looking at me
I look in the mirror and what do I see
Something I never wanted to be
This is the mirror that makes girls cry
This is the mirror that makes guys sigh
This mirror we look into is not the mirror of Erised
Tis a fun house mirror instead
The mirror that warps reality
The mirror that makes us something we don't want to be
The mirror that makes us feel so small
The funny thing is it's on our bathroom wall
:icongarra101:garra101 0 6
It doesn't start as anything
In fact you're upright at first
But then it happens
The ground under you crumbles
And your begin to fall
And as your falling through this black eternal abyss we call life
You don't even remember what caused you to be so close to the edge in the first place
And as you fall off these cliffs of reality
into black waters of eternal depression
Taking in your last breath of air you wonder what would have happened if you had just watched were you stepped.
:icongarra101:garra101 0 2
broken eyes
Broken eyes
These broken eyes
Will not smile for you
These broken eyes
Will not shine a beautiful brilliant blue
They will not shine at all
These broken eyes
Will not meet yours
They will not look at all
These broken eyes
Cannot see beauty
No matter how many forms it comes in
These broken eyes
Will not see the colors of the rainbow
But only shades of gray
These broken eyes
Will not cry
For any reason at all
these broken eyes
will not
what is it with these broken eyes of mine
:icongarra101:garra101 0 4
a different sky
If the sky can cry
and people dance and sing
under his tears
then why
when I cry
do people look down on me
if the sun can shine
and be bright and yellow
why is it
when I shine
people raise an eyebrow
if the clouds
can all be different
then why
when I am a different
or huge
that everyone says to stop
if the sun and the rain
can meet
and create something beautiful
then why can
I not do the same
with my sun and rain
if the sky
can be different
every day
then why can't I?
:icongarra101:garra101 2 1
Chapter two: phone calls
I am wakened the next morning at six o clock by a phone call. Usually the only people loony enough to call my rat shack that early in the morning are my mother and telemarketers. In complete honesty I was hoping for the latter. It was too early for her ranting; I hadn't even had my morning coffee yet. Not that I have coffee in the house (the rats took it) or a coffee maker for that matter (they took that too) but it was still it was to early for her  to be yelling at me.  
It was to early to hear her voice. I don't like talking to my mom early in the morning or late at night. The reason for this is an odd one, one that most people don't believe until they meet my mother. The reason is my mother sounds like Michel Jackson. It was even worse on the phone, so naturally I didn't like talking to her in the morning or at night.
After hearing the phone five times I picket it up. It was my mom. "Tristan, this is your mother." I sighed "Hi Mom, how are you?" she sighed "I'm
:icongarra101:garra101 0 9
Chapter one: Rats
I have always had bad luck. For my entire life  everywhere I've gone there has always been some stairs I manage to fall down,or something falls on my head, and don't even get me started on girls. My Mom always told me "Just give it time Tristan, there's a right girl for you, you just haven't met her yet" Well after hearing that my  entire teenage life I decided to move out.
Biggest mistake in my life. I now live in a ratty apartment. No really my apartment has rats in it. There are at least twenty of them all living in under bed, at night u can here them scratching It's a wonder I get any sleep.  In the morning's are the worst, when I get out of bed I step on long, bony,nasty rat tales. They bite me of course, leaving bite marks, and little trickles of blood. I's a good thing I've had my ravines shot, or who knows what happen. These rats are evil the decided they have a taste for wires, the wires that run my house to be specific. After stuff stopped workin
:icongarra101:garra101 1 6


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Jana Guillory
United States
21 04/05/1994 made this thing when i was in middle school kinda regret it
well its that time again, more angsty poem like things are coming your way, if u even cared to begin with. I just realized I shall never be loved in return and their is no point we all die in the end, so i got to get it out somehow, poetry seems like a good way. sorry if this brings down your mood, i might write something happy at the end of this angst fest.
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