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Void Stalker Class Battleship

By garr0t
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Eldar Void Stalker Class Battleship.

Completed for a BFG fan magazine (don't ask which, i have no idea).
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Beautiful ship.
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I like that you have made a big ship still look sleek and deadly.

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This is jsut so amazing D: Im jealous
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Awesome! I love it ^__^
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Thanks a lot :D
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Before the picture would even load all the way (slow internet), I knew I was going to love this from top to bottom.
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Im glad you like it. In my haste to upload the pic i forgot to save it with a smaller file size. TT
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This is great work :onfire:
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heh, great work. I love BFG and 40k, especially the Eldar ships. Is the fanzine free? it would make for a good read.
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Im not sure if its free, i assume so... Ill try to find out more about it and post a link etc
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:jawdrop: Its beautiful :wow:

Exquisite, well done :D
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Very nicely done. Good angle too, you rarely see it from this perspective.
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yarrr, get to the longships!! xO
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awesome, eldar Rock
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Fantastic job sir! You don't see much BFG fan-art, and if you do it's Imperial. Great work. :D
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It's Wh40k fanart like this that gets my curiosity up so much for BFG. It's just hard to find gaming groups where I live.
Will have to try it out at this year's GothCon...
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That'll be "Warp Rift" again.

Beautiful work! You really captured the alien quality of the Eldar vessel.
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