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Cobra Class Imperial Frigate

Battlefleet Gothic artwork created for a fan magazine about the subject.
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Parsnipsingularity's avatar
You really got the scale across nicely.
TheMonkeysUnkle's avatar
Cobra's are the best escort. They look so adorable, until five of them plant a nice, big spread of torpedoes into your flagship.
DarkCog's avatar
Damn. That's nice. 
Talancir's avatar
'Tis not a frigate. it's a Destroyer.
LordSia's avatar
Absolutely amazing. Love how all the little lights helps impart the sheer scale of these ships.
Spartan-039's avatar
Honestly one of the best computer pieces of art I have ever seen for 40k!

Well done, although it bugs me that the second from the left turret behind the bow and the large turret seems to be a slight bit taller than the other three.
narrva's avatar
Actually, it looks like the first broadside turret from the left is shorter than the other three.
garr0t's avatar
I'm honored that somebody actually looked at this long enough to notice that detail. You've made my day.

With regard to that turret the antennae attached are indeed larger than the others, i try to randomize small details like that to make the images more interesting. Ive never actually played BFG or read the rulebooks so i don't know if this ship is strictly 'legal' or accurate so im sorry if i disappoint in that respect.

thanks anyway :)
Spartan-039's avatar
Well, I do have an eye for detail.

In regard to BFG, imperial ships, I guess, are sort of random like that. I am a tau player so I prefer, you could say, a bit more order when it comes to ships.

You're welcome, and I hope to see more in the future.
zman988's avatar
good jub man!
AEigner's avatar
sweet, looks great!
blackhorizon123's avatar
Cool drawing, which fan magazine?
garr0t's avatar
not sure yet lol.
AmaziumBlaze's avatar

I can't make any more of it. :O
ColonelYeo's avatar
Fantastic! :wow:

The detail and scale are great.

I especially like the colors and the panel details on the prow. :clap:
madhouse-exe's avatar
A beautiful example of an Imperial spacecraft.
garr0t's avatar
thanks man. :D
The-First-Magelord's avatar
No problem brother. We BFG artist's got to stick together! ;)
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strayferret's avatar
love the details, especially the prow I'd say =) GJ
kadaeux's avatar
Very cool, I came in here after seeing the Thumbnail to offer some critique, but then I saw the full-sized image and all the thumbnails poor impressions were dispelled instantly.
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