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Under cape

"I was never so glad of the fur-lined as I was then. I wrapped it around Nicolas and held him close to me when we went out together, and we walked in a tight embrace through the snow and the rain."
The vampire lestat
Anne Rice (с)
Lovely moment between Nicolas and Lestat :heart:
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Snif snif....its perfect!!!
LestatNikkiForeva's avatar
I love how u did te quote Its so cute.. I miss Nikki so much though
GARPIYA's avatar
Aww. Thank you! Yes, poor Nicki ,he was so lovely...
LestatNikkiForeva's avatar
I just cant believe that happened to him.... its so sad... :'(
GARPIYA's avatar
He's my favorite,and I love him more and more. He's like a broken doll...It's more than sad
LestatNikkiForeva's avatar
I know it is and hay do you make these urself? B/c I have a favor....
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N'awwe, such a lovely moment indeed! I was so sad when things went terribly later with Nicolas. They were such a lovely couple! D:

I love the red accent you put on this, especially given Lestat's status, and the expressions, etc, are simply beautiful. ♥ You draw so wonderfully, keep it up! :)
GARPIYA's avatar
Yes they suit each other . Now I see all this things but... When I draw, I just let my imagination do all by itself :XD:
Thank you! :love: I promise I'll still work
ForeverTeaTime's avatar
I love how Nicolas looks here. :D
GARPIYA's avatar
Hahaha, he's so naive. Looks like he think-" Omg,double rainbow across the sky!" -or something else:giggle:
xcupcakexheartagramx's avatar
Oh I adore Nicki and Lestat! This is just gorgeous. <3
GARPIYA's avatar
Yeah, they are cute =) Thank you
xcupcakexheartagramx's avatar
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This picture is so beautiful! I love everything about it! :heart:
Their facial expressions fit perfectly, Lestat looking a bit miscievous and Nicki dreaming.
And the coat - the idea alone is great and the way you drew it and managed to get some movement in it - wonderful! :)
GARPIYA's avatar
Oh,your comment makes my heart beat faster! Thank you very much :love:
annamarzo's avatar
the instant i saw it, i fell in love! it's really beautiful :D
GARPIYA's avatar
This book is full of love i guess :love:
goldyhereppl's avatar
aawwwwww so cute! <3
wonderful drawing! i love your drawing style
GARPIYA's avatar
I'm to confused right now!
Thank you this much :heart: :heart: :heart:
zitv88's avatar
Oh, I LOVE THIS! ^^ Instant fave. :3
GARPIYA's avatar
I want to cry.I'm sooo happy :blushes:
zitv88's avatar
I have to say that I totally fell in love with this picture. ♥♥♥ ;)Very cute and well done.
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