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Dear friend

OMG I can't stop do it! XD
Yeah, it's one more fanart with Nicolas and Lestat. Now it's moment for hugs in theatre. :meow:

The vampire lestat
Anne Rice (с)
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This picture is so sweet! Just look at their faces.... especially Nicolas's... they are so very expressiove, and you can see so many emotions:heart:
I *love* your work!^^
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Hm...I miss Nicolas.He was my favorite character...He was so special for me,huh. That's sad
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He was great. :) I feel you. My favs almost always die too.
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Your works are so amazing! Imho, nothing can replace awesome skills in traditional art! I wish I could create something as beautiful with my own hands rather than using cold dead tablet... *sighs*
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I'm so confused! I just can't imagine that someone can likes my works so much. Thank you for that :love:
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Thank you very much :floating:
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Lovely. Keep it coming! I'll always take more of Nicki. Lestat too. :D
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I just love them. And all I care about is love :sing:
Thank you :love:
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I'm glad you can't stop do it! xD I really love your art! ♥♥♥ I love the colours and the emotions in this picture. ^_^
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Yes and I'm glad too that you always add awesome comments. :love: Thank you SO MUCH!!
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You're very welcome! ^_^
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soooo beautiful. instant fav
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I hope you'll enjoy my fanarts again :love:
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