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Player Select: Wonder Woman VS Ms. Marvel

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic characters in comics. She first appeared in DC's All Star Comics #8 in 1941.
Diana was the princess of Themyscira, the island of the Amazons, which is completely devoid of men. She takes the title Wonder Woman when she leaves her home to fight evil in "man's world".
She is said to have been blessed by the Greek pantheon of gods, granting her superhuman physical capabilities and flight.
She is skilled with many weapons, but most often she relies on her tiara (which she throws like a boomerang), lasso and bracelets.
Her Lasso of Truth is unbreakable and its touch compels one to tell the truth. She uses her Bracelets of Submission as shields and she can move fast enough to block bullets with them.

I used the forum and my journal to ask who the most suitable opponent for Wonder Woman would be. I got a few suggestions including Rogue, Black Panther, Thor and, strangely enough, Darth Vader. In the end I decided to use one of my original picks, Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers).

Carol Danvers first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 in 1968. She wouldn't gain her powers for some time though. She has had several different power-sets, costumes and names including Binary and Warbird, and currently she is known as 'Captain' Marvel. However, she is probably best known for being 'Ms. Marvel'.
She was once a regular human until she was mutated using alien technology. Now she has numerous abilities including superhuman strength, speed and durability. She can fly and shoot blasts of energy from her hands. She is also capable of absorbing energy and using it to increase her power.

These two have similar powers and both have been trained as soldiers. I'm guessing Wonder Woman is the better fighter at close-range so Ms. Marvel may need to keep her distance if she wants to win.

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Can somebody draw these two as vampires?

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Your going down Marvel!
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Make out instead!
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As interesting as the suggestions of Rogue and Black Panther are, I can't help but feel Carol is her ideal face-off from Marvel and no doubt the choice Marvel and DC would make if they ever crossed over again.

Perhaps more than seeing them fight, however, I think it would be VERY interesting to see them interact with each other.  They're both very determined and professional people with a healthy dose of humor.  What's more, they both have more experience with magic, military operations and warfare in their left hands than most people have in their entire bodies.  I can't imagine many problems these two couldn't solve.
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Good pick ! I would have never think of that.
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Even now I'm still thinking if Ms.Marvel was the best choice, but I decided I'll give them alternate opponents in some variant pictures I plan on doing.
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Would you mind if I try that too ?
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Go ahead. I'm sure your version will be great.

The other characters I thought might be good for Wonder Woman are She-Hulk, Storm and Thor. For Ms.Marvel I thought Power Girl or Mary Marvel would also be suitable. Miraclewoman could actually be a rival for either of them, though the character now belongs to Marvel.
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Awesome work on two awesome ladies :)
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this would be a awesome battle to watch
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My two favorite bombshell powerhouses duking it out?

This is gonna be good.
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Go Carol GO! :XD:
Huh, this is a great picture, and a great match up. I mean I definitely think that Wonderwoman is the stronger of the two, but Ms. Marvel has her energy based powers.
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Thanks! I wasn't sure if Ms. Marvel was the best match for Wonder Woman, but they seem to work well.

I've heard a few different opinions favoring both. If they ever do another DC vs Marvel crossover we may find out.
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well Even if wonder woman has goddess power, Ms.marvel has the power of a Kree, plus the binary and had also the power of Cru. Her strenght increase in every comic that we meet her and also her healing power (I don'T know if it'S called like that sorrrryyy I'm not really good in english XD) is faster thant hte healing power of wolverine. Wonder woman with her gear given by different gods and her knowledge for martial arts is a good rival for Ms.Marvel, but personally I think  Ms.Marvel will win this fight :D
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Looks like Carol is really stand a chance to win. Especially with her Binary form.

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