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Player Select: Scarlet Witch VS Zatanna


A match between Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and DC’s Zatanna, both being magic users from their respective teams (the Avengers and the Justice League).

Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch, first appeared in X-Men #4 from 1964 as a villain. She and her brother Pietro (Quicksilver) were members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  From the start they were uneasy with their role and the extreme views of their leader Magneto. Eventually they left the Brotherhood and joined the Avengers.
Wanda’s power is a combination of mutant ability, sorcery and magic granted by the demon Chthon.
Initially Wanda was able to ‘hex’ her foes with a gesture, causing misfortune to befall them. Overtime her reality altering powers increased greatly and now Wanda is sometimes said to be one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. She is even capable of rewriting the entire history of the world. However overuse of her powers can put a strain on her both physically and mentally. 

Zatanna Zatarra first appeared in 1964’s Hawkman #4, though her father Giovanni Zatarra appeared in much earlier comics as a magical crime fighter.  She is a homo magi, a race of humans with innate magical capability.
Like her father, Zatanna has been a stage magician and a crime fighter. Eventually she was made a member of the Justice League.
Zatanna is an extremely powerful sorceress. She is known for casting spells by speaking backwards, thus her abilities are severely limited when she is unable to speak.

Both of these magicians have immense power, being limited mostly by how much they can expend before they start to tire.
Wanda is additionally a decent martial artist and is perhaps the more powerful of the two. It may be possible for her to disable Zatanna by removing her ability to speak. On the other hand Zatanna has been shown to use her powers in many more varied ways, such as being able to read and manipulate thoughts. Wanda’s greatest weakness is possibly her fragile mental state.

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Great work man. I'm pleased that you take time out to give little history on each of them. 
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Some characters need no introduction, but many will probably be unknown to a wider audience so I like to give some background info on all of them.
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That is fantastic bro. I actually learnt a few new things myself.
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Plus, they have similar outfits, heh heh heh.

Also, pretty rare and interesting case where the Marvel and DC characters are actually just as old as each other rather than one having clearly inspired the other.

Very interesting clash going on here.  Wanda's bright colors next to Zatana's monochrome; the Hex magic's abstract form with Zatana's starry magic; Wanda's reserved determination clashing with Zatana's more playful flashiness.  Verynice work here!
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nruT adnaW otni a gorf. Done.
Turn Zatanna into a frog. Also Done.
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Hey ! That's a great idea ! Would you mind if I borrow you the subject to try it my way ?
Also, a question about your "VS" drawing in general. I'm not a gamer, so I may miss the references. The poses and the composition refere to the start screens of some random fight games like Street Fighter and such ?
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Forget my question. I didn't read the title of your drawing before asking. Silly me.
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Feel free to make your own version. I assume there have been many Scarlet Witch VS Zatanna pictures before mine. In fact I think most of these matches have already been done by others.
Yeah, it's supposed to be like a character selection screen. Each picture can actually be split down the center so all of the characters can be matched against each other.
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