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I need to get back into the swing of doing art on a regular basis, and my most lovely friend Sparki has pushed me into trying ports.

So I will accept a few requests at this price to see how it goes, hopefully find a rhythm and some confidence.

I've played with some port examples from a few of my old pieces that are my most comfortable style and most like what I could produce. I've been told my style usually plays toward bright colors, high shine levels, and an anime sort of look. I am comfortable with many sorts of animals and animal parts like tails and wings. I'm no anthro artist by any means, I do tend toward humans, but I'm willing to try.

Port Yours by garney  <da:thumb id="386529434"/> <da:thumb id="386534732"/>

#1 - Crimson Mistress for marissippi - payment received - sketched - coloring
#2 - Steffan/ScaredKittens