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Make Cosplay Kunai In 10 Steps

By GarnetWings
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Hey, I just had to get this out of my system. Its a Tutorial for Naruto Cosplay Kunai. Why you ask? Because I could (such is the reason I do many things...). I didn't plan for it to be 10 steps. really, it just kinda happened. :blink:

If anyone has any questions, ask and I'll do my best to explain.

PS- it gets better as you do more. the difference between my first and second ones is just scary.
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hope it turns out well!
Cool! (I love Naruto!)
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Must try this, it looks like a lot of fun to make. ^_^
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could you cover this in something like aluminum foil or silver leaf to make it look more like metal?
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that should work.
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Wow! This is basically what I did to make my first kunai!
Smart minds think alike :D
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If it works, it works :)
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Would a craft knife do it? Don't have a Swiss Army knife.

Great tutorial though!
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It just needs to cut through cardboard neatly and you need to have fine control over it for precision.
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This was very helpful! Thanks!
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glad I could help!
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Thank you! now i can scare my friends!
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lol. I take no responsibility for those results. glad you like!
plz send one to me or slap me! lol but thanks this is awesome!
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why would I slap you?
beacuse i had soda before i went to sleep and work up on the wrog side of the bed (no really my sheets say right and wrog i woke up on wrong)
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ah. still. no slaps for you.
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This is awesome! Thanks so much!

I really need this because where I live, South Africa, cosplay is a 'growing' (most people have no clue what it is.. lol) activity and I, being the Narutard that I am, cosplay(In-progress, hehe) as SNJ Naru.

Sure, there are quite a few anime/manga stores where I live, but they don't sell the kunai/shuriken merchandise. Which sucks. :(
Its either I make my own or order off of the internet. Sigh.

I have ordered a few weapons for cosplay online eg. Life-size Kingdom Key(It's made of metal and is foooking heavy, but it looks like the real thing and could probably hurt someone lol), Kairi's keyblade (I cosplay her)... but the Kairi blade never arrived. And so my distrust of Ebay begins...

As soon as I have the time, I will try to make this. I will send you a note if I ever get around to doing it and tell you how it looks.

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I am glad you find it useful! :D Good luck with your cosplaying!
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Thank you for this delicious nifty tutorial <3
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