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October 3, 2019
Daredevil Blood color by garnabiuth
Featured by DrZime
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This is too good bro
Keep up the good work
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The black one is better than the classic red in my opinion
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DD! yeah! Awesome!
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You're welcome :aww:
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Of course this badass on its own, but that fact that I can actually recognise the face of Charlie Cox (the lead actor) in this makes it a little special as well, it made me remember how frickin much I enjoyed the series with this guy! l o v e  it !
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Dude! Well done on getting a Daily Deviation! :D
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thanks man! ;D
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Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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TEN OUT OF THE FUCKING TEN!!! Can’t believe this got featured only now!!! You deserved this daily deviation back in 2018. Thank God this got to the main mage otherwise wouldn’t find it most likely. Looks insane, great colors and contrast. God I dig his season 1 suit so much, it was so cool to see it again in the season 3. I will never forgive Disney for taking all the Netflix characters back to them and especially canceling daredevil and rebooting him PG-13 in MCU, fuck Bob Iger man. And acting like all of them weren’t in MCU all this time is so shameless... Like we’re that dumb. We will never see true Daredevil like this again. No one will replace Charlie Cox. Great stuff, masterful work.
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I hope Disney is waiting 'til those contracts are over to recast him, becouse Netflix has still the rights for a few years ... But who knows. Thanks for your comment.
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Hell yeah! Really great work!
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