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Hello all :)
I've come to realize I've not really spent much time on Devianart at all.  Not just here but my personal page as well.  
The compound effect is that I haven't done much of the modding here nor have I brought in any decent news in a while.  

In the light of this, I feel it would be best if I were to patch the administrator torch of this club.  I am quite sure someone out there would be willing to give this club the "life" it deserves, give it new skins and more news, maybe contests?  

If anyone is interesting in breathing new life into here, please send the club a message and I will try to look into it quickly.

I will continue to mod  gargoyles RP room, and newcomers are always welcome : )
Greetings one and all.

Gargoyles, the show, is soon going to be 22 years old.  Hard to believe so much time has flown by.
That is to say, I KNOW most fans are adults and not oh so bothered by nudity and/or sexually explicit content.

However, DA rules on the topic are clear:
"DeviantART strictly prohibits the submission of materials classified as pornographic or obscene. There is no exception to this prohibition"

I have noticed that some submissions in the Adult section are a breach of the rules and I will have to remove them.  
Nudity will always be accepted in the adult section for as long as it's there, and perhaps even "tasteful sex", but please keep any porn, rape, sex-fluids to a minimum as your art could well be sniped  by a mod and you could get a warning.

I'm personally all for adult art but, DA rules is something we must abide to

Thank you for your understanding
: ) Wonderful new Gargoyles theme cover by the Youtube star Erock!…

As per request, all members can submit art directly to folders now, just be sure to submit to the right folder! :)

Also, if you haven't done so already, don't forget to buy your copy of Season 2 Volume 3 from the Disney Store…
Gargoyles Season 2 volume 2 was released a few months ago.  It came to my attention some people weren't aware of it yet!

Be sure to get it!…
Or here…

Be aware there is a lot of discussion with how "cheap"' the dvd box and menues are.  But at least you'll get the content!

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