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Spam - Spam is an unwarranted and unwanted advertisement for a service, a contest, an image, or anything else forcefully given without permission to a person by form of comment, note, or reply.

Unwarranted and Unwanted Advertisement - This refers to an advertising message that is given in the form of a note, comment, or reply without permission to advertise. Spam is often, for example, "CHECK OUT THIS [link]!", "I DO COMMISSIONS - 50 POINTS!", "CHECK OUT THIS [image/group/contest/gallery/friend]!", etc etc, and has nothing to do with our group or group activities. We did not ask or allow you to tell us about your commissions or your websites. That makes it unwarranted. It is unwanted because we don't appreciate it. It's annoying and bothers us that some of our members treat us like a bulletin board. If you want to see when/how we accept advertisements for art, points, group events, etc, please read our COMMISSION/ADVERTISEMENT FAQ.

Permission - If you want us to tell others about your advertisement, you MUST get permission via NOTE to the group. For all other things you may want to advertise, you must note us to ask permission before publicly displaying any information about your advertised item. Certain blogs give permission for specific advertisements to be listed in a reply/comment to the blog.



1. Advertising your art, your services, or another website or group on our group's comments or to our group's members in reply is NOT PERMITTED and if done more than once (even if it is the same add to multiple users on our page or in a note and in a comment without permission) may result in being blocked from the group.

2. If you have a question about what we accept and do not accept, READ OUR RULES FIRST. If they don't answer your questions, ask in a note. If your question is how to use a basic deviantart function, direct your question to the Help & FAQ section of deviantart found at the bottom of every page.

3. If anyone sends you a message as a reply to anything you've said on this group's profile, note us with "report - reply spam" as the title and a link to their reply so we may warn them not to do it again and so we may click the 'report spam' button.

4. Asking us for anything VIA NOTE is preferred and acceptable. There is a difference between a note that advertises and a note message that asks to advertise. So be sure to explain in your note what your link is and why you've linked to it.

5. If a blog says to link us to [your art/your friend/your favorite deviation ever], the No Soliciting rule does not apply BUT only for the blog in question if the rules outlined in the blog are followed.

It's always okay to question whether or not something qualifies as spam or advertising when asked in reply to this blog or via note.

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