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:pointr: NO harassment or flaming of other group members.

:pointr: NO art theft of any kind.

**Failure to follow these guidelines will resort in permanent banning from the group and being reported.**


:pointr: You MUST be a member to submit artwork!

:pointr: Please make sure you submit your work to the appropriate folder! They all have descriptions of what is to belong in there!

:pointr: Please DO NOT spam the group with submissions. Use common sense here please.

:pointr: Please make sure your artwork falls under the TOS. This means NO Motivational/Demotivational Posters, NO pornography, and NO works of art featuring copyrighted work.

:pointr: Please no works in progress. Only finished works that are 100% yours! (I.e, no pencil sketches, artwork must be colored and finished (inked lineart is ok).

:pointr: Only artwork that is 100% created by you! No screenshots, no dolls (from online dollmakers), only artwork you created yourself!

:pointr: Cosplay photos are limited to 3 photos per cosplays only.

Each folder has a description on what is to belong in it so there really shouldn't be any mistakes. If you are still unsure, PLEASE note the group to clarify! PLEASE do not assume! If you should make an incorrect submission and realize it, please withdraw it immediately and resubmit to the proper folder.

I love you members and I thank you all for making the group what it is! Also just to throw things out there, if anyone ever has any suggestions on what they'd like to see happen in the group, please feel free to send a note! This group is for Gargoyles fans so I'm here to try and make the experience as pleasant as possible!

If you have any questions please NOTE the group! Thank you and enjoy the group! :)
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