Hey Guys

Submissions to features have now been stopped. Please submit artwork into the folders provided.
Here is a little hint as to what to submit into the folders:

Couples and groups: Doesn't just mean LOVE pairs, it means like two people, and also, if there is more than two people, but not a clan, it is considered a group, so artwork such as that is allowed in this folder

Demona: well, this is obvious. This is a folder Dedicated to Demona

Goliath and Elisa: the title speaks for itself

Gargoyle OCs: This folder is for ALL your gargoyle OCs ^^ Reference sheets, random pictures and what have you. Go nuts

Clans: For clans. Fan-art OR OC

Known characters as Gargoyles: This is for character in Gargoyle morphs. E.G Batman as a gargoyle.

Fan-art: A folder for your fan-art of the beloved Gargoyles. This applies to characters like Brooklyn, Broadway, Angela etc.  

Random Gargoyles: For all your gargoyles which AREN'T OCs, but aren't fan-art.

If you have questions about these folders, or think there should be more, please let us know. Also, if you can't submit into our gallery, let us know and we'll fix that.
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