Brought to my attention my Leathurkatt-TFTiggy, one of the staff of Nerdversity 101…

They did a special about the 20th anniversary of Gargoyles a few weeks back that deserves a listen. :)
I knew it, and didn't know it, but missed posting here. Terrible admin I be, must have been shaking off stone sleep or something. but the lovely shinga has made 2 commemorative pictures, aging up Goliath and Elisa, so go give her page lots of love!

Gargoyles 2014 - Goliath and Elisa by shinga Gargoyles 2014 - Goliath and Elisa by shinga

They've certainly aged more gracefully than I have!

2014 Inktober - Day 24 by coda-leia
I don't do Paypal, I've had some very bad experiences with it, so unfortunately can't commission, but if any of you have better relationships with Paypal and want some lineart, CarlaC is looking to raise funds to help with her cat's veterinary bills. I totally know how that feels, I just had my cat's teeth cleaned to the tune of 200 bucks this week, so fixing a broken leg must be.. astronomically expensive....


She's fast, too, no waiting half a year or longer, there are three commissions up already that were only ordered yesterday.
I totally stole this from avator at :icongargoylesclub: (If you're not a member, go join)

Season 2 Volume 2Gargoyles Season 2 volume 2 was released a few months ago.  It came to my attention some people weren't aware of it yet!
Be sure to get it!
Or here
Be aware there is a lot of discussion with how "cheap"' the dvd box and menues are.  But at least you'll get the content!

So, apparently, sales at Disney Movie Club were so good that the Mouse decided to peddle his wares at his store, so more people can buy Gargoyles Season 2 Part 2 without the hassle of committing to monthly specials that need to be declined or that will be automatically shipped. I'm now the owner of additional copies of the Sword in the Stone and Robin Hood because of this, really thought I'd declined them, but missed the deadline.

So, if you want Gargoyles and only Gargoyles, here's your chance to purchase, hassle free. :)…

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