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For Black History Month. Delilah is technically only 1/4 African American. but I voted for her anyway. dA needs more Gargoyles.
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Brooklyn and Chelsea 2 (Colored) by 416851 Brooklyn and Chelsea 2 (Colored) :icon416851:416851 19 4 Brooklyn and Chelsea 2 by 416851 Brooklyn and Chelsea 2 :icon416851:416851 13 3 FANART / GOLIATH - GARGOYLES / DIGITAL by eddybruceart FANART / GOLIATH - GARGOYLES / DIGITAL :iconeddybruceart:eddybruceart 7 0 Demona Inspired by kitsuK8 Demona Inspired :iconkitsuk8:kitsuK8 37 2 Goliath - Gargoyles by Wegons Goliath - Gargoyles :iconwegons:Wegons 78 3 Christmas Dance GxE by Iowemuffins Christmas Dance GxE :iconiowemuffins:Iowemuffins 54 8 Sixfanart by roguepanda Sixfanart :iconroguepanda:roguepanda 7 0 Goliath Gargoyles by Br00tte Goliath Gargoyles :iconbr00tte:Br00tte 7 0 Goylefam by MissBWalsh Goylefam :iconmissbwalsh:MissBWalsh 9 0 Moon by chaosdestine Moon :iconchaosdestine:chaosdestine 37 6 Guatemalan Gargoyle by crzydemona Guatemalan Gargoyle :iconcrzydemona:crzydemona 70 14
BrooklynXMarina Oneshot
       It was Halloween night, and Marina couldn’t wait to get the show on the road. Xanatos was hosting his third annual Halloween party which was becoming the hotspot of the night.
Dressed in a red fox outfit, she waited impatiently for the sun to go down as she stood behind her stone friends.
“You look lovely Marina” Elisa said as she came out to join her. Elisa was in her Belle outfit from years previous.
“So do you Elisa” Marina smiled. “I don’t suppose Goliath is dressing up this year?”
Elisa chuckled “No. It’s not quite his style. And if Halloween has taught us anything in years past, it’s that trouble is bound to happen.” Elisa picked up the edge of her dress to reveal her gun holstered to her thigh.
“Yeah, Brooklyn told me about the attack with Thailog last year.” Marina nodded.
Finally the sun disappeared and large cracks began to form throughout the gargoyles bodies.
:iconteentitanemily:TeenTitanEmily 21 25
Garg-beasts coloring contest. by VirgoGarg Garg-beasts coloring contest. :iconvirgogarg:VirgoGarg 2 5 Five Beasts coloring contest by chaosdestine Five Beasts coloring contest :iconchaosdestine:chaosdestine 17 4 Aria Flirting Across the Fire by MissUnashamed by MadisonWyvern Aria Flirting Across the Fire by MissUnashamed :iconmadisonwyvern:MadisonWyvern 14 12



Getting Started

If you have joined this group, and want to contribute to the group gallery WITHOUT having to resubmit your picture, just go into the group gallery, and click "+ Submit to this Gallery". You will be then given two options, those being "Submit a new Deviation" and "Contribute an Existing Deviantation", click the second option and pick the picture you want.

You'll have to do this every time you want to submit an existing picture from your gallery.

Submitting guidelines:

Featured: This is closed to gallery submits. If your artwork is of a VERY high standard, we will put it in here, to show off.

Couples and groups: Doesn't just mean LOVE pairs, it means like two people, and also, if there is more than two people, but not a clan, it is considered a group, so artwork such as that is allowed in this folder

Demona: well, this is obvious. This is a folder Dedicated to Demona

Goliath and Elisa: the title speaks for itself

Gargoyle OCs: This folder is for ALL your gargoyle OCs ^^ Reference sheets, random pictures and what have you. Go nuts

Clans: For clans. Fan-art OR OC

Known characters as Gargoyles: This is for character in Gargoyle morphs. E.G Batman as a gargoyle.

Fan-art: A folder for your fan-art of the beloved Gargoyles. This applies to characters like Brooklyn, Broadway, Angela etc.

Random Gargoyles: For all your gargoyles which AREN'T OCs, but aren't fan-art.

Literature: For all your gargoyles stories, fan-art stories etc

Comics: For ANY comics really...

Memes: We have a range of Memes being submitted into the ground, and it was hard to place them, so there is now a folder for them.

Screenshots: we WERE going to ban these from the group, but I thought against it and made a folder for them. This is for those screenshots of the show, that have black backgrounds and words. You know what I am xD


I went searching through the deviant art groups for a group worshipping Gargoyles, and to my horror, there WASN'T a group for that.

In my horror, I had an idea, and that was to make a group worshipping gargoyles of all sorts and sizes. A group where people can show off their lovely Gargoyle pictures with the rest of the Gargoyle-loving Community :heart:

Join this group if you love gargoyles, and start showing off your lovely pictures.

Feel free to invite other deviants to this group, as we want to spread the wonderful Gargoyle Love :love:








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Just stunner but thank you so much
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Thanks for submitting some chapters of my fan-fic to your group. I have many more coming. Fair warning, this is like alternamte rality times ten. So sorry if it offends anyone but thank you for looking at my work.
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I'm limited to 10 additions a day, and with Gargoyles now on Disney+, there are many more deviations uploaded to dA each day than I can add. Please, feel free to join and submit for yourself.
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Heya, I was wondering if it would be ok to submit this 25% Off Gargoyles Commissions All July by Kordyne to the group, please? If so, which gallery should it go in?
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Your sales always go in the featured folder
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Kordyne Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2022
Cool, thanks much :)
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Sorry for missing the time window. you may feature this and the others. please request again!
DEJ22 - featuring Elisa and Goliath by Akomachi
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I've just given it another go, and will send in others until I hit the 10 submission limit for the group today
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