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As I'm doing more research and diving deeper into "what could have been" in the Gargoyles universe, the more sad I am that this show wasn't given all it deserves.
I'm still a bit of a new fan if I'm being honest. I didn't know about Gargoyles until last summer and now I'm completely obsessed and I'm writing a fan fiction about it.
Most of the research I'm doing is on Macbeth since he didn't get too much screen time in the show and I wanted to make him a central character in my story.
I recently read that it is unconfirmed whether Luach is Macbeth's biological son or not. I mean.... dang. If he's not Macbeth's biological son, props to Macbeth for loving Luach and Grouch unconditionally in that way, but it also makes me wonder if this poor man gets any wins at all.
Secondly, after reading some tid-bits here and there of what may have happened in the show, such as what took place in the comics and beyond, it just makes me so sad that this show didn't get the third season it deserved. I wanted to see Brooklyn's time dance as much as anyone did.
That's all, I just had to vent. Carry on. Happy Thanksgiving!
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I went searching through the deviant art groups for a group worshipping Gargoyles, and to my horror, there WASN'T a group for that.

In my horror, I had an idea, and that was to make a group worshipping gargoyles of all sorts and sizes. A group where people can show off their lovely Gargoyle pictures with the rest of the Gargoyle-loving Community :heart:

Join this group if you love gargoyles, and start showing off your lovely pictures.

Feel free to invite other deviants to this group, as we want to spread the wonderful Gargoyle Love :love:








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